Issue - Managing multiple mail accounts with Gmail Inbox

April 2018


I have a concern with my Gmail account ...
  • I have an inbox supporting multiple Gmail accounts.
  • I imported an address from
  • Emails sent from the other Gmail account go right through the main inbox.
  • Now when I get an email from, these messages do not pass through the main inbox and go straight to the label.
  • The aim is to have a an inbox with the utility "several inbox".

The concern is that my phone does not prompt me when I receive an email from because this one does not pass through the main box.


  • You can change this in the import settings.
    • Settings - Accounts and import - Check the messages with the POP3 protocol.
  • You'll then go to "edit the information" and you uncheck the "archive messages" (normally enabled).

Thanks to Mihawk for this tip.
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