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My laptop screen off button not working

dear friend, after re installation of my os, the screen off located at right top of the keyboard is not working, i m unable to use the power savi...

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Hp dv4 black screen

Hello, can anyone help me? the problem is i open my laptop then it all turns to blue and it says that my laptop had been damage for the first time, ...

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Toshiba laptop (blue screen)

Hi, Errmmm....a little while ago my laptop kept freezing, turning to a blue screen and then turning off - but the final time it did so, when I went...

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Black screen with curser blinking


Hello, what should i do I have tried everthing, I've pulled the battery held down the power button I've hit Ctrl+Alt+Del the black screen is still ...

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Green horizontal line on my screen


Hello, i have a new dell latitude e6520. after few months of using it a green horizontal line appears on my screen just as i switch it on. and it ...

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Screen goes black

Hello guys, My computer is Desktop 2009 with windows vista. When I install new printer, the computer went black. When I restart the computer, it...

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Windows black screen after system image rest


Hello, Hi everyone I am desperate free so hopefully someone can help me My pc crashed and I don't know why, but ran a repair on startup, but...

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Laptop screen is black when power on

Hello, my laptop screen is black or blank when switched on but capslock and scrolllock button LEDs blinks,please help me to solve the problem. i m u...

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Black screen on monitor

Hello, tower boots no problem but i have a black screen on monitor.... any help plz Windows XP

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My lap top screen won't work

Hello, we recently bought a hp laptop, it was working fine right upto the other day and then all of a sudden the screen went odd and flashed blac...

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White screen in toshiba laptop

Hello, i have a toshiba NB505-N508BL that when turned on only has a white screen please help Configuration: Windows Vista / Internet Explorer...

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Black screen in turn on....

Hello, i have a problem with my PC. just suddenly show me a black screen at the turn on the system with the Logo of Intel and the options to ent...

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Black screen in windows 7 with new monitor

Hello, I've got a HP desktop running Windows 7. I changed the monitor to a Sony TV with a VGA input. I have a GeForce 8400 graphics card. The moni...

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Windows xp not working, blue screen

Um, so yea, what if you don't have the CD that comes with ur windows XP computer thing? Does that mean that I can never get my Pc to work ever again? ...

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Compaq laptop screen black!!! reply fast!!!


Hello, I bought a laptop 2 days ago and turned it on the fan and everything is going but the screen is just black nothing appears. any got anything ? ...

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Screen goes pink


Hello, iam using my dell inspiron laptop and the problem which is occuring is that most of the time when i open my laptop it's screen goes pink fo...

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Blank screen on startup

Hello, i am facing a problem with my laptop. I was running a driver in my laptop. suddenly a option about BIOS came. I found the pointer fixed and...

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Laptop will not boot - black screen

Hello, I woke up this morning and tried to turn my laptop on as usual, but it did not show anything on the screen. My Toshiba Satelitte L655D ...

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My screen stays black

Hello, I'v got my laptop for 5Months and the screen stays black Please help Configuration: Mac OS X / Safari 534.8

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No signal on screen

Hello, my p.c will turn on beebs etc but screen just blue with no signal tried diff monitors same thing? any ideas Configuration: Windows...

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Screen is blinking

Hello, the problm ismy laptop screen is blinking ....i think the reason is hibernate ..i hav hibernate my system n i forgot whn i open it after 14 d...

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Laptop blank screen.

Hello, My laptop has been suffering a lot of issues. It started back on Patch Tuesday on Tuesday, April 10th 2012. During the BIOS update, the lapt...

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White screen of death

Hello, my ipod touch has a white screen and when i try holding the home and volume up button with the power buttn, it goes black, then white. please...

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Turned on laptop but have a blank screen

Hello, I turned on my laptop(HP CQ60-300EE) the other day,all associated lights came on except screen...have tried pressing power button without AC ...

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Hp g62 does not boot and with blank screen

Hello, I was using my laptop last year connected directly to the AC supplier without its battery and someone happened to pull out the charger and...

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Broken laptop screen trying to connect

Hello, I have a Toshiba with a cracked screen I am trying to connect it to my Dell laptop to see what is on my Toshiba so that I can back up a fi...

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Acer aspire one zg5 black screen

Hello, I just got me an Acer aspire one zg5. Whwn i turn it on and it should be ready to run it just show a black screen with a white cross. the ...

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My screen doesnt load! at all!


Hello, i was playing some hon, on my lenovo t61 thinkpad, and it froze all of a sudden. so i turned it off (holding the power button) and i tried play...

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Hp dv6... laptop screen is black when i turn


Hello, I went to plug my laptop into a wall outlet and the screen slowly got dark. It's on but the screen is still black. Help! Configuration: ...

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Screen is black

Hello, When my laptop is turned on you can hear the fan running but the screen is black. At one time I turned it on and the screen turned on show...

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Cant boot pc blackscreen fan runs

Hello, DJ.. Can u pls help me to fix our PC? coz it does have a black screen even i restarted it.. i mean.. when u turn on the CPU.. nothing hap...

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Turned on laptop but screen remained black

Hello, I turned on my laptop(HP CQ60-300EE) the other day,all associated lights came on except screen. have formatted by drive through another lapt...

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bula fiji

Lg rd410 blank screen

Hello, every one. I have a lg laptop model RD410.The issue is when I turn on my laptop every think is working back light come but nothing on scr...

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Blue screen appering while operating


Hello, IN THE BLUE SCREEN THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE APPEARING INTHE SCREEEN A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to preven...

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The screen is black !! what do i do ???

Hello, I Have the HP Pavilion dv 1000 and all of the sudden while i was on it , the screen went completely black ! No curser no anything!!! I know ...

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My laptop is showing a black screen


Hello, I have a satellite pro l450d-12x and i shut down and the next day i turned it on and it says windows boot manager its been months since my l...

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White screen..? on ipod.. :(

Ok so nothing is working i have the newest ipod touch and ive tried holding down center and off button but that does not work. How long are you soppo...

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Ipod nano 4g 8gb white screen death need help


Hello, Plzz help me fix it I need help and i've tried fixing it by pushing the menu and play/pause and center buttons and it just resets it and do...

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New 24" flat screen monitor.

Hello, I bought a new flat screen monitor, but the picture doesn't come on and I've pressed all the buttons on the side and nothing. My old monitor wo...

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Black screen with blinking cursor in top left

Hello, I have a dell inspiron 1545 and the other day while I using my laptop it just shut itself down and restarted but as soon as the dell start ...

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My laptop toshiba turns on but its a black screen

Hello, well I want to start my PC but I can't even get it to start up in safe mode. I have windows seven n i want to load that disc but i can't see,...

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Toshiba laptop will only load the logo screen

Hello, When I turn my Toshiba laptop on the only thing it will show is the logo then a black screen then it goes back to the logo and then to the bl...

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Ipod has a black, blank screen

Ok. I tried everything on this website and nothing is working!! What the heck else can I do???! My ipod has a black, blank screen and will not turn on...

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My android alleys screen won't work


Hello, My phone ( android alley ) screen won't work, but the buttons do. I can turn the phone off an on , but I just can't use the touch screen. ...

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Blinking screen!!


Hello, I turn on my acer aspire 5920 and the screen starts blinking continously. I unplug the adapter, everything is fine. i put back the adapter a...

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The black screen of death

Hello, I have an old toshiba laptop that will not do anything i power it on the little green light comes on but nothing else oh ya the fan wor...

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Laptop l300d laptop black screen


Hello, can someone please help me out? When i switch my laptop on, the laptop powers up and i can hear the laptop running, howeer the screen stays ...

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Hp pro book black screen

Hello, hi i have a labtop that is an HP pro book that is like an all in one with a monitor, & a place where you place your labtop to use your m...

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Toshiba laptop blank screen

Hello there, I need help please. I updated my laptop bios and since then nothing is coming up on the screen. i can hear the fan and hard drive spinni...

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Laptop screen black and no response

Hello, I have tried all this and get no response, I took my battery out and left for a few hours,re inserted in and started up and all worked fine,l...

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