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Aspire 6920 screen problems

Hi I was just wondering if anyone could help. I broke the screen on my aspire 6920 and tried to get it replaced. The screen was cracked but still lit ...

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Screen brightness is vary in half of the display

my hcl laptop display screen brightness is half of the display is normal another side of the display abnormal condition and brightness .,,,pls tell me...

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Computer randomly shuts off and monitor doesnt turn on

Ok so anyways, I was playing a game on my computer and all of a sudden it randomly turned off. So I attempted to restart it and now the monitor doesn...

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Lg crt tv with normal audio but no display

i have an LG CRT tv that developed thin different coloured horizontal lines at the near top of the tv and stayed there for some months.gradually the t...

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My laptop was just black and won't open

i got a problem with my toshiba laptop, i turned it on, the light shows its on and the fan is working, but the screen wont open it's just black and no...

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My monitor is black(off i think) while cpu is running

My monitor is black, but after I close the electric plug for 5-10 seconds and on it again, it is function again. But somehow, the monitor went down ag...

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Ashritha Bharadwaj

Help with my pc

Hi i'm Martin. I hope you can help me... I'm having problems with my pc for the past 6 months. First of all my specs of my computer: I have a ...

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Lenova y550p screen blacked out


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My dell laptop screen wont turn on

I tried this: 1) Unplug the power cord --> Remove the battery --> Hold the power button for 60 seconds --> Connect the power supply then try to sw...

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My toshiba laptop's screen is not responding...looks black !

I was working yesterday on my TOshiba laptop satelite U500 ..all of a sudden my screen turned into black and it is not showing anything yet..can u ple...

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No display

SOMEONE GAVE ME A SOCKT 478 MB it has 1 long beeeeeeeeep with no ram.and iv tried working ram from a working pc with ram in there is no ...

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No signal to monitor after ~30 seconds.

The computer is an older discontinued Gateway dx4300-03 and this has been an ongoing problem for me for roughly 6 months. At first it started as an in...

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Vertical lines on screen

M using Acer aspire 9500 laptop,I gt vertical lines on the screen.plz help me out to remove those lines

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When i start the computer it says no signal

When i start the computer it says No Signal but when i plug in the integrated video card from the CPU(or proccesor i don't really know) it works... I ...

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Hp monitor does not display

So my mom's HP monitor is connected via VGA. It's an LCD monitor from '07. Recently I've heard her complain that her monitor has been shutting off spo...

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Trouble with getting monitor to power on.

i have a desktop that a friend pieced together for me a few years ago, i really dont know much about it except it was built with stuff he had outgrown...

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External lcd monitor

I have an external LCD monitor connected to my laptop. The laptop works fine but my external monitor went black and the screen on my laptop works fine...

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Everything at the top of my computer screen keeps disappearing.

i have tried f 10 to no avail and am in a hurry trying to print out farm invoices. can't fine the tool bar to print, etc. help.

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How to make t.v. be a computer monitor

I have a production year 2004 emachine with windows xp. I want to make my tv my monitor ( tv is a sanyo 50' plasma). The computer tower emacine only a...

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Screen on laptop is black

Hello, whatv the cost of the inverter or motherboard? Or, the backlight bulb. Configuration: iPhone / Safari 4.0

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Toshiba l675 sattelite screen lights up but no images

Screen lights up when booting laptop up but no images. If I hook up a monitor to VGA port all works well on added monitor and since it is a smaller o...

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Killed laptop monitor, had external monitor working until.......

PLEASE help! All was working well until I decided to go into control panel and somehow tuned of the external monitor, now of course I can't see it...

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My laptop does not start up

i have acer laptop, last nigh i was using it when my screen seemed like it was hijacked. the computer stopped working and the screen displayed text li...

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Laptop lcd screen broke

Hello, Hello, I am having a problem. My laptop LCD screen broke and I don't have the money to replace it, but what I do have is a extra Monito...

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Screen on my laptop went black.

i've tried to plug my laptop (windows7) into the tv and when i changed the display settings the screen on my laptop went black. i have scoured the net...

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My desktop shows the windows xp screen but says unsuppoted.

Hello, My Asus computer is connected to my RCA 32 inch television with what I believe is an Rga cable. Its rectangle with a lot of prongs... ans when...

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Dell n5010 issue

Hi there, I have dell inspiron 15r intel core i5 with 4gigs of ram, Ati mobility radeon hd 5470 graphics card, dell motherboard. When i boot up lap...

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Monitor power off?

Some times I was using my PC then the monitor close it self,pressing the on button won't work and I have to close the circuit for 30 seconds and on it...

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Dell 1501 laptop screen is black white dot

Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron that has a black screen after windows logo..with a white cursor in upper left hand corner of black screen that does not...

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Volume and brightness indicator

when i first got my acer aspire, i could use fn + up/down or fn + left/right to adjust volume and brightness, and a pop up indicator would show me how...

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Hp ze1000 display goes black, but not in safe mode

I have read numerous "fixes" of symptoms similar to mine. Randomly, during normal use, the screen fades to black. Sometimes I can be using it for 45mi...

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Toshiba c850 screen not working

My laptops screen doesn't work even when the computer buzzes during the startup, it was doing this earlier and the turn off and on method worked but n...

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Laptop display distortion

Hello, Just some hours ago the display of my laptop changed from normal to distorted, and i can't get the problem.I have no idea of what had happene...

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Zohaib R

Xp graphic driver problem

When i install intel video driver after a moment my pc restart and windows not start plz help.

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My laptop does'nt work it has a blank screen.


Hello, My emachines e525. It has blank screen wen I turn it on and da blue power lights be on and also u cant hear the fan making any noise. Plu...

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Monitor displays (no signal) refuses to boot an attempt to forma

No signal was displayed when a family member tried to log on. I tried to boot to last good configuration, then Mr. Fix it, but the monitor still dis...

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Connecting old pc to new led hdmi tv

I have an old PC about 5-Years Old. The display adapter is Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset. The Screen resolutions vary between 800x600 pixels to 1440...

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Acer aspire 5733series running windows 7 home prem.

Please help. My laptop was fully functioning until the scree randomly begun to flicker then went completey black but the back light still working. I...

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Dual monitor 2nd screen black

Goodafternoon everyone, Ive searched and searched for an answer but to no avail. I had been using my HDTV as a secondary screen for once in a while...

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Screen back but laptop working with extra desktop monitor

Hello, Sir, My Laptop, Compaq Evo N610C ,turn on but screen remain black. I connect laptop from back port with extra monitor and laptop is worki...

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Black screen

Hello, thanks for all , have try everything but still not it was working until yesturday but now when I restart after windows start it goes black , ...

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Black screen

First of all I thanks for your support. My HP Pavilion dv4 power on, all lights and are working but, the screen is black. Please could you tell me h...

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Monitor black at boot up...

My 19" flat-screen desktop monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 931BF) has trouble coming on in the mornings when I boot the computer up. I can see the blue "s...

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Dell inspiron 3520 black screen while on

Hello, A couple of weeks ago my laptop fell off a table and I broke the lcd. After purchasing a new lcd, and replacing it myself, the computer wor...

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Zohaib R

Lcd screen got messed up.

I brought my laptop to school for a project one day and when I got home, I dropped my backpack on the ground because I was tired. I didn't think that ...

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Dell n5010 not booting boot , please help me

Hello, i am sohom , facing problem related my dell n5010 display and booting. problem I found : my laptop not booting and black screen w...

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Zohaib R

Acer laptop: black screen after switching on


I have a acer aspire 5738z .... It was working fine... But now when I am switching it on there is nothing on screen its completely black.... whats sho...

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Dell inspiron mini 10 blank screen

HI there, My Dell Inspiron MINI10 was working well 10 mins before this happened. I opened it because I wanted to clean it up thoroughly. I loaded t...

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Zohaib R

Led screen is blank, but external monitor works

Hi, My laptop got a little impact and afterwards when i turned it on, nothing was displayed on its LED(only the blank screen(Dark blue). Also, an ex...

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Hp dv 7t quad ed black screen when turned on

Today when I turn it on, I got back screen and it is not showing anything. Everything else is working. I can hear fan noise and I can hear window welc...

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