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To allow faster, safer and easier browsing with minimal design, Google Chrome has been designed. In this latest version, it includes more features.

Key features

Thanks to its simple setup pack, it is extremely easy to install. You only need to click "Next" a few times. It comes along with a clean and nice interface. But if you would not like it, you can apply themes so as to bring your own touch. Its minimalist interface offers you more space for displaying the page you are visiting. To customize it and to meet your requirements, this software includes a comprehensive Webstore which contains any type of application or extensions like education, games, lifestyle and blogging. To ensure your privacy, you can use Incognito Mode. When you shut down Google Chrome, all cookies and history are deleted. This way your privacy is protected.

System requirements

  • Internet connection
  • Win XP, Vista and 7


It has a minimalist and nice interface. It is possible to browse anonymously. Data synchronization is possible between several computers. It offers a safer browsing.


It requires Google account when synchronizing.

Other systems

Google Chrome is available on Windows and Mac.

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