How To Create a Skype Account

October 2017

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Skype, the popular VoIP software. You can use the app to video chat, send messages, or to make international calls. The application also comes equipped for screen sharing, making it easy to share files with family or coworkers.

N.B. Please note that Skype's MSN option has been withdrawn and may no longer be used in conjunction with the application.

Download Skype

If you do not have Skype, you may download it here:

Skype for Windows
Skype for Mac
Skype for iPhone
Skype for iPad
Skype for Android
Skype for Linux

N.B. We recommend that you close any personal web servers such as Wamp Server or EasyPHP during this process, as they may interfere with Skype.

Installing Skype

Once Skype has been downloaded, launch the installation by double clicking on the software folder. Then, follow the instructions on the screen:

Creating a Skype Account

Open Skype and click the Create an account option:

Select your desired pseudonym and fill in the required information fields:

Click on the I agree option at the bottom of the page to finalize your account information. Once all of your information is saved, Skype will redirect you to it's main platform where you can add contacts and begin utilizing the application.

Image: © Skype.


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