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Google Chrome should be your go to browser for Android device. Its speed, frequent update and expansive set of features is way sets it apart from other browsers.

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October 7, 2021

Google Chrome app is a mobile Google Chrome web browser. Its clean interface makes for a simple user experience, however, users are still given the option to customize it with themes. This browser includes a fully loaded Web Store that contains loads of applications, including education, lifestyle, blogging, and game extensions. This is the Google Chrome for Android download page.

Key features

  • Fast and easy browsing: Browse the web with the help of personalized search, autofill, and find what you were looking for easily.
  • Full-featured browser: Discover news, create your RSS, use built-in Google Search ad Google Translate so your browsing experience becomes swell.
  • Incognito mode: Explore the web with no saved history. You can switch to the Incognito mode and stay private across all devices.
  • Synchronization: Link all your devices where you use Chrome browser to easily access your bookmarks, passwords, and settings from wherever you are. If you forgot your laptop, and you need to access a remote desktop, you can use Google Remote Desktop.
  • Offline access: Download your favorite photos, music, and videos, save articles with just one tap in Chrome browser and view it offline while traveling on a plane, for example.
  • Voice search: If you are unable to type, you can just talk to your mobile Chrome browser and find answers and web pages you would like to access hands-free.

Is Google Chrome browser safe?

To ensure your privacy, users are able to browse using Incognito Mode, which means that, when you close Google Chrome, all cookies and history are deleted. Data synchronization is also possible between several devices using Google Chrome. Google Safe Browsing will also warn you if you are trying to reach a dangerous website.
Note: The browser requires a Google account when connecting.

Is Google Chrome for Android free?

Yes, Google Chrome browser for Android is free to download and use.

System requirements

The required Android version and size of the app vary with the device.

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Other Systems

Google Chrome for Android is also available on Windows, iPhone, and Mac.
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