Google Chrome has numerous advantages, for example, its engine is based on WebKit, a powerful open source framework that is also the basis of the Safari browser. It is a hugely popular web browser and is renowned for its speed of loading and opening web pages. Furthermore, if you associate a Google account with it, you can synchronize your browser settings, as well as your bookmarks, histories and open tabs, on all the computers where you install Chrome.

Key Features

  • You can customize Google Chrome to best suit your preferences.
  • The extensions and apps that you can install from the Web Store add features that enhance the web experience.
  • It also comes with its own security system, which protects you from potentially dangerous pages.
  • It provides you with maximum privacy, since Google Chrome also offers "Incognito Mode", a way of browsing that does not save any of the sites you visit or content you view, does not save your browsing history, nor does it store cookies and images, so it leaves no traces on your hard drive.

Other devices

Google Chrome is also available for iPhone and iPad, which you can download here.

Other Systems

Google Chrome Mac is also available on Windows, Android, and iPhone.
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