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MSN - Error 800488fb

MSN Messenger is Microsoft's instant messaging application that is used by many people across the globe to communicate over the internet. Sometimes users may get an error message like 800488fb. This error 800488fb shows that the account has been temporarily blocked. The first thing a user should do is update their account information on MSN Messenger's official website. Otherwise, one should check if the password is being typed correctly as well as clean temporary files, disable the firewall and restart the computer. After that, one needs to change some of the relevant settings of IE and run some custom commands. If nothing works, then the only option could be to uninstall MSN and then reinstall it again.

The error 800488fb means that your account has been temporarily blocked. The most common reason is that the alleged account was blocked because it contravened the code of conduct Windows Live.

The solution is to update your account information. To do so, visit the link below:


Add the changes requested by MSN.

Other solutions

You can try any of these:
  • 1. Make sure you are typing your password correctly
  • 2. Clean your temporary files, disable the firewall and reboot your PC
  • 3. Reset the clock on your PC
  • 4. Change the settings of IE
  • 5. Go to the Start menu then Run. Launch these commands one at a time

- Regsvr32 wintrust.dll
- Regsvr32 Initpki.dll
- Regsvr32 softpub.

If none of these manipulations worked, uninstall your MSN using a program such as CCleaner and install it again.

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