How To Block Unwanted Emails on Gmail

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If you're tired of getting unwanted emails in your inbox — whether they be from particular senders, mailing lists, or spam in general — Gmail makes it easy to block unwanted emails.

In this article, you will learn about the settings and filters available to you to help keep your inbox spam-free.

How To Block Users on Gmail

If you'd like to stop receiving emails from a particular sender, you may do so by adding them to your Block list.

Open any email from the sender, and click the down arrow shown at the top-right of the email. Then click Block [sender]:

All future messages from that sender will be transferred automatically to your "Junk" folder. Note that, if you block someone by accident, you can always unblock them by following the same steps.

How To Report Spam

Google's Spam filters are normally very effective, but occasionally, some of these messages do make their way through to your inbox.

To alert Gmail of any Spam messages received, click the down arrow at the top-right corner of the email, and then select Report Spam:

Any messages believed to be or marked as Spam will automatically be sent to your "Junk" folder.
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