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Activate Dark Mode in WhatsApp

Dark Mode is a new common feature being added to devices and apps that inverts your screen to a dark background. It has several benefits such as improved battery performance and reduced eye strain. While WhatsApp doesn't have an official dark mode setting (yet!), there are a few tricks and workarounds. Check out this article to find out more.

Change the Chat Background

Although the current version of WhatsApp does not have a dark mode setting, you can change the background of your chat window. To adjust the color, open WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Background > Solid color > Black. Keep in mind that this setting only changes the color of your chat window. The remainder of WhatsApp will still appear in the default colors:

Download an App to Apply Dark Mode

There are a few apps specifically designed to apply dark mode to applications on your phone. We suggest Swift Black Substratum Theme, an Android app that allows you to apply dark mode overlays to the apps you want, choosing from their selection of over 200 templates. You can download it here:

Dark Mode for Developers in Beta

If you are a developer and have access to certain WhatsApp Beta versions, this function could be available for you. However, it can only be activated via developer mode and is only available for Android phones.

If you have a beta version and want to activate dark mode, you must install APK WA Tweaker to access the hidden functions as a developer. After, you must root your Android device with an app such as VMOS.

Dark Mode Using Android 10

If you're using Android 10, luckily there's a brand new feature that will apply dark mode to your apps! Go to Settings > Display > select the Dark mode Theme. Then go to Settings > System > Phone information and press the builder number 7 times. Once in developer mode, select Force dark mode and it will be applied to all apps on your phone.

N.B.: In order for this to take effect on WhatsApp, you must reset your chat background.

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