HP Laptop - - keyboard keys issue

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If numbers and special characters are not displaying properly when typing them on a laptop computer keyboard, it could be down a faulty combination of keys being pressed down. This activates the alternate layout of the keyboard instead of the regular layout. To get this corrected, press "CTRL" and "ENTER" at once. The fault may also be in the hardware settings for local language and configuration of the keyboard. Solve it by selecting the "Keyboard and Languages", option, and under it, select the US language option. Later make sure you change the "Admin tab", and modify "programming language" from "non-Unicode" to "US". The regional setting for keyboard language to "US" English helps recover the keyboard's hardware setting.


I got a new HP laptop. The problem is that when I press Shift+2, instead of getting the @ symbol...I'm getting another one. Similarly when I press the shift +3 I'm getting the # symbol instead of "$".


  • In the Region & Language settings, Keyboards and Languages tab change to US.
  • In Administrative tab, change the Language for non-Unicode programs to US.

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