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  • Conversion Of Numbers To Words In Indian St. Closed

    Hello, Is there ne possibility to get the code by default as every time u open a new worksheet.B'coz wht m i gettng that able to do only at the s...

    Ayan Das | Word | Latest reply: venkat1926 Nov 17, 2011
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  • installation asks for a password Closed

    Hello, I downloade some softwares while installation askes for a password , would you please show me to find the password, Thanks shekib l...

    shekib | Word | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 17, 2011
    1 reply
  • Formula needed for yes/no calculation Closed

    Hi, I am trying to create a formula with an IF function in Excel, but I can't seem to figure it out. Here's the "business case": I am trying to ...

  • Word 2007 open Publisher 1997? Closed

    Hello, I have a document created with Publisher 1997 but I need to open it on a computer that only has Word 2007.Please help, can this be done? Than...

    Donnyb | Word | Latest reply: pcsces Nov 16, 2011
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  • micro SD card password Closed

    Hello, i have my micro SD card..2GB...and it was locked...i dont know what was the pasword of it.......can you help me unlock my memory card????ah...

    karl | Word | Latest reply: pcsces Nov 16, 2011
    1 reply
  • multiple rows in multiple columns Closed

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with two columns and 100+ rows. Data in column A, the category repeats, Data in column B is unique to what is in col...

    Jay | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Nov 16, 2011
    1 reply
  • Make multiple columns into a single column Closed

    Hello, I have data in excel sheet with 3600 columns and each column has 6 rows.Suppose say Column 'A'...It has 6 rows.I want the Column 'B' dat...

    shilpa | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Nov 16, 2011
    1 reply
  • Sorting and extracting data... Solved/Closed

    Hello, I need to extract the data from from the cells of Column "B" and placed it into cells of Columns "E" by comparing Column"A" and Column"D"....

  • Outlook Express Closed

    Hello, I have a new computer Windows 7. My old computer was Windows XP. How do I get my files from Outlook Express? I downloaded them to a flash dri...

    Evelyn | Outlook | Latest reply: pcsces Nov 16, 2011
    1 reply
  • Blank rows deletion Closed

    Hello, Dear friends, I really appreciate your support and help all the time. I have another problem and I need your help once again. I have ...

    Aslam | Excel | Latest reply: aquarelle Nov 16, 2011
    15 replies
  • [OOo Calc] Spreadsheet: IF / THEN ? Closed

    Hello I would like to make a comparison calculation and tried to use an IF(), but I keep getting an error. I use Open Office Calc, here, but that...

    ddalley | Excel | Latest reply: abcdefg Nov 15, 2011
    2 replies
  • Please help in Excel Data function making Closed

    Hello, Am Ravi Kiran, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, I have a doubt in Ms EXCEL 2007, my doubt is that am having a client who is a small...

    Ravi | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 15, 2011
    2 replies
  • Search and count? Closed

    Hello, Using Excel and trying to count and display results for Column A (let's say it has test grades A, B, C, or D for each person) but I need th...

  • SD Memory card password Closed

    Hello, hai my nokia sd memarecard is lock pls hellp me my memarecard unlock passward Configuration: / Opera 9.80

    Jeeva | Word | Latest reply: pcsces Nov 15, 2011
    1 reply
  • Filter Not Working Closed

    Hello, I have filtered a sheet on 2 columns which has around 50 columns and 900 rows. Now I am trying to remove the filter but it is not working. ...

  • Searching in 2nd sheet for values in first Closed

    Hello, I am looking for a macro to search data in col A of first sheet in col A of 2nd sheet and whereever there is a match copy the data in ColB ...

    Toff | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 14, 2011
    1 reply
  • IF Function Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am just starting out with formulas and I need some help. What I need is: If the value in Sheet 1 B2 is found anywhere in Sheet 2 colum...

    hangtodry | Office Software | Latest reply: hangtodry Nov 14, 2011
    2 replies
  • Macro to compare two sheet and return a value Closed

    Hello, Can you please help me with a macro. What I am trying to get is a macro that will compare two names in two sheets (Sheet1, col AD and Sheet...

    Ivy | Excel | Latest reply: ddbois Nov 14, 2011
    2 replies
  • macros 2 columns info into 1 same wksht. Closed

    Hello, I have two columns of information. One column is labeled description and lists a (numerical and text) description of and item. EX: 1/2" ...

    Derek | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Nov 13, 2011
    1 reply
  • Compare two cells and do another formula Closed

    Hello, I need some help on this, i have three cells containing either the letter H, B or U. Next to these i will have another three cells with one...

    Landro | Excel | Latest reply: bionik Nov 13, 2011
    1 reply
  • Lost phone software need password to unlock Closed

    Hello, I am using this samsung galaxy s2 and am using the lost phone software I am on travel overseas and once I changed the sim the phone has ...

    Tigerjason | Word | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 13, 2011
    1 reply
  • to find, copy the corresponding value, paste Closed

    Hello, i want the macro code for finding a value using inputbox, copy its corresponding value(row) and paste them in the same sheet where the cell ...

  • administrator password or power on password. Closed

    Hello, i have got an HP Pavilion dv6. There was no administrator or bios password set. It was working fine yesterday. It would not start today as...

    Oosie | Word | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 12, 2011
    1 reply
  • Cells display a total or text Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have an excel workbook that has cells that display a currency amount U43, U45, U47, U49, U51 and Q53. For example U43 would have $200 in...

    Michael | Excel | Latest reply: Michael Nov 11, 2011
    2 replies
  • Outlook says it is sending my email Closed

    Hello, I was cleaning up my folders in my yahoo and gmail accts and outlook says it forwarded my email to undisclosed recipients. I am not set up...

    Chelle | Outlook | Latest reply: pcsces Nov 11, 2011
    1 reply
  • Outlook 2007 email randomly not sent Solved/Closed

    Hello, the problem started a few days ago. Randomly Outlook 2007 does not send a message. Looks like it is mostly when I reply to another email. I...

    tuscanguy | Outlook | Latest reply: tuscanguy Nov 10, 2011
    3 replies
  • conditional format more then 3 Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have seen a solution on your web from aquarelle, but how do i put that in my excel, sorry maybe its a basic question. But i have tried i...

  • Excel Table, lookup, match, index, array ?? Closed

    Hello, Can anyone help, please? I have a table with manager names running down column A, and dates running along row 1. Inside the table fo...

    Connor | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 10, 2011
    1 reply
  • formula in exel 2007 Closed


  • [Excel] formula for this problem Closed

    Hello, i'm so confused with excel formula. how to get data from other table and other sheet which comparing data in row and shown in the...

    mtsf26 | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 10, 2011
    1 reply
  • Match data from multiple w/books & paste row Closed

    Hello, I have a main spreadsheet which contains order reference numbers (Column B), details of the order are filled out to the right on the same r...

  • Program Manager Closed

    Hello, I have a formula that it is working fine (Excel 2007) =IF(F2="",IF(G2="","MISSING BOTH","MISSING GCT"),IF(G2="","MISSING LOCAL","HAV...

  • POP up msg in excel when condition is TRU Closed

    Hello, I want to get a pop up message in excel when a condition is TRUE. I am bringing in live data and want to notified through pop up when the nu...

    remo | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Nov 9, 2011
    6 replies
  • Need to match and fetch data to 1st Sheet fro Closed

    Hello, I have two excel sheet having "Name" common in both sheet, 1st dosent have mobile number that I am trying to fetch from 1st sheet. the tota...

    madhu | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Nov 9, 2011
    1 reply
  • Excel:Move a columm that contain <a to anothe Closed

    Hello, I really don't know this things in excel but this is an assignment that i have. I had an text file with a data and some items have an ex...

    Gabriel | Excel | Latest reply: pcsces Nov 9, 2011
    1 reply
  • Excel transfer selected rows Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have in place a data validation,''list''. I want to be able to transfer selected rows with the different list names into separate worksh...

    Julz | Excel | Latest reply: Julz Nov 8, 2011
    12 replies
  • How to move data in excell? Closed

    Hello, I would like to separate data in one excell cell into two excell cells e.g. 241 GOLD CREEK RD, BROOKFIELD, QLD 4069 in one cell into 241 ...

    Woody | Excel | Latest reply: aquarelle Nov 8, 2011
    1 reply
  • help me copy data Closed

    Hello all , kindly help me copy data from A1 in sheet1 into A1 in sheet 2 only if value of M1 in sheet 1 is say "ok". Configuration: Wind...

  • Excel Auto Fill Closed

    Hello, I am pulling informaton from a row into a column. I was wondering if there is a way to auto fill formulas in the column with the row numb...

    Kris | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 8, 2011
    1 reply
  • Data Validation Macro Modification for Excel Closed

    Hello, I am having an issue with manipulating a macro that will allow me to choose a secondary data validation set based on the condition of a pri...

    Newb | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 8, 2011
    3 replies
  • Copy Cell into new sheet conditionaly Closed

    Hello, Looking to copy a row from one sheet to a new sheet if one cell equals 1 or more Let me know if I need to clarify Appreciate any help that so...

    Ryan | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 8, 2011
    15 replies
  • remove password from memeorycard Closed

    Hello, i am having nokia c2-00 mobile,i forgot my password ,i can,t able to open my memory card I tried it in pc also .I kindly request you to...

    raji | Word | Latest reply: pcsces Nov 8, 2011
    1 reply
  • HP laptop wont come out of hibernate Closed

    Hello, I have a hp laptop it will go into sleep mode or hibernate then it will not come out of that unless I manually power down the machine I have tr...

  • wont let me type password Closed

    Hello, i just got my laptop back, when i turn it on a white screen comes up saying it needs password,administarters passwoed, but it wont let me ...

    jen | Word | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 6, 2011
    1 reply
  • forgot of memory card password Closed

    hello i forgot my transcend micro s d memory card password ,i want to use that ,so please help to unlock that .please give the suggestion as early a...

    nith | Word | Latest reply: bionik Nov 5, 2011
    1 reply
  • email password Closed

    Hello, i forget my pasword and also securty question.plz tell me how i open my id. Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 535.2

    noorie | Word | Latest reply: tototamd6 Nov 5, 2011
    2 replies
  • kingstone DTI/4GB Flash Drive password prote Closed

    Respected members i shall be very thankful to all of you if anyone will help me i have kingstone DTI/4GB Flash Drive its password protected and ca...

    shah g | Word | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 4, 2011
    3 replies
  • How to use Macro in my case Closed

    Hello, Would appreciate if anyone could help me in detail how to use macros in the below case: I have Expected closure date Column A1, and escala...

    Ann | Excel | Latest reply: Ann Nov 4, 2011
    25 replies
  • Excel Data Validation Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a master spreadsheet to collate data from spreadsheets filled in by my colleagues. Column b is 'Transaction Type' and I want to pro...

    Excel List | Excel | Latest reply: Excel List Nov 3, 2011
    2 replies
  • Good connection, browser won't display page Closed

    Hello, Running Windows 7 / Firefox 7.0.1 and suddenly internet stops working. First my router had some issue broadcasting the network - sorted...

    Frustrated | Excel | Latest reply: sundar7701 Nov 3, 2011
    5 replies