Samsung Galaxy Tab - How to do an underscore

December 2016

The Samsung 's Galaxy Tab is a highly acclaimed phone, in the smartphone category. Thanks to innovations in telephony, you can access emails on this phone. To log in to an email account, you may need the underscore key on the touch pad of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. For users finding this key hard to locate, there is nothing to worry about. Just press 123, which lets you switch between letters and numbers, and in the numeric mode when a certain key is pressed, theunderscore will appear.


I'm trying to log into my mail account but do not know how to enter the underscore symbol using the touch pad of my Samsung Galaxy Tab.
On the touch pad, press the "123" key - to the left of the spacebar - to switch between letters and numbers.

In numeric mode, press the "1/3" key. The underscore key will appear in the top row of symbols.

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