Macbook Pro keyboard numpad

April 2018

Macbook Pro keyboard numpad


I am recently purchased a MacBook pro and I have a small question about keys.
The keyboard of the MacBook Pro has no numeric keypad for entering numbers; I hold down shift and then use the buttons above the letters.

Is it normal that pressing the "caps lock / Shift active does not have numbers?

I hope I was clear


If you type "pad" in the menu bar under Help Mac, you get this text:

Unable to operate the keypad
The keypad can operate in different ways, depending on your computer keyboard and the application you are using. Typically, you use the keypad to enter numbers, but you can also use it to move the mouse pointer and, in some applications to move into your document.

To change how the keypad:

Press the Caps Lock key. num.

If your keyboard has a numeric keypad aside, this button is on the pavement. On laptops, the Num Lock key is a function key that is marked "Caps Lock. num. (F6). If your keyboard has a numeric keypad well in hand but does not include the Num Lock key, try to activate it by pressing Shift + Delete.

If the keypad does not work as you wish, perhaps because you've enabled the mouse buttons, which let you move the pointer using the keyboard.

To find the option to disable the mouse buttons, choose Apple menu> System Preferences, click Universal Access then "Mouse & Trackpad.

Most laptops have a group of keys on the main keypad, which can act as numeric keypad. To find it, look for small numbers or symbols in the lower right corner of keys on the right side of your keyboard. Press the Caps Lock key. num. (F6) to activate the keypad. The green LED on the Caps Lock key. num. lights when the keypad is active.


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