Transfer your Gmail contacts to the address book of your iPhone/iPod

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How to transfer your Gmail contacts to the address book of your iPhone/iPad?
The procedure is simple:
  • First export your Gmail contacts to a vCard file (format used by the Apple's address book).
  • Then import this file to contact book iCloud (cloud service from Apple).
  • Then simply synchronize your contacts in iCloud with your Apple device.

Export contacts from Gmail

  • Log into Gmail
  • Click on "Gmail" > "Contacts"
  • Click on "More" > "Export"
  • Select "All Contacts" and then select "vCard Format"
  • Click "Export" to create/download the file

Import Contacts to iCloud

  • Sign into iCloud with your Apple ID.
  • Click "Contacts".
  • Click the gear, located in the lower left corner, and select "Import vCard".
  • In the window that opens, select the vCard file from your hard disk and click on "Open".

Synchronize your iCloud addressbook with your iPhone/iPad

  • If iCloud synchronization is enabled on your Apple device, the contacts automatically updated. If not:
  • Go to "Settings> iCloud" > "Contacts".

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