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Install DuckDuckGo on Your Web Browser

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that emphasizes on the privacy of Internet users. Its principles are simple. Personal information, such as the IP address and browser signature of the users, are not recorded/tracked in this browser. It also provides more relevant and qualitative results. In this article you will learn how to set DuckDuckGo.com as your default homepage and search engine:

Google Chrome

To set DuckDuckGo as homepage, open Google Chrome and go to DuckDuckGo homepage. Now, click Customize and control Google Chrome menu > Settings. Under On startup, select Open a specific page. Next, click on Use current pages.

To set DuckDuck as a default search provider, click on the Use in Chrome button:

Next, click on Add to Chrome:

Click on OK to install your new search engine:

Click Customize and control Google Chrome menu> Settings. Scroll to the Search section > Manage search engines. Select DuckDuckGo > Make default:


Open Firefox and go to the this URL.

Click on Download Now and install the DuckDuckGo Plus extension:

Internet Explorer

Open IE and go to homepage. Click on Use in IE:

Tick to make it as your default search provider checkbox and click on Add:

Safari - Mac OS X and iOS

On Mac OS X, Open Safari and click on the Safari menu > Preferences > General. Then, cllick on the Default search engine menu and select DuckDuckGo. The procedure for iOS is available on here.

Image: © DuckDuckGo.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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After watching social dilemma I wanted a ethical search engine

thanks. we need to avoid googles rampant takeover of the internet

Thank you so much for an alternative to Liberal nosey Google.

Love duckduckgo

Glad you are here for us!
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