How To Hide a Conversation in WhatsApp

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WhatsApp Messenger comes with a few useful archival capabilities that allow users to essentially "hide" conversations from their conversation feeds, without permanently deleting them. This article will teach you how to use the Archive function on the instant messenger.

How To Archive a WhatsApp Conversation

Archive a WhatsApp Conversation on Android

Head to your conversation feed and tap and hold the conversation you would like to hide. A pop-up menu will be displayed. Tap Archive Chat to hide it from view:

WhatsApp also gives you the ability to archive all of your conversation in just one step. To do this, tap the Menu button > Settings. Next, go to Chat Settings > Archive all chats. Click OK to archive your conversations:

Archive a WhatsApp Conversation on iPhone

Go to your chats screen, and scroll to the conversation that you would like to archive. Next, simply slide your finger across the chat moving from right to left.

Tap Archive to hide your conversation.

iPhone users can also choose to archive all of their conversations at once. Simply launch WhatsApp, and then, head to Settings > Archive All Chats.

How To Restore Archived Chats on WhatsApp

Unarchive WhatsApp Chat on Android

Once any chat is archived, you can find the hidden chats by scrolling to the bottom of the Chat screen. Tap to view and restore any of your archived chats:

To unarchive a chat, simply do a long press on any conversation > Unarchive chat:

Your conversation(s) will immediately be restored to your feed.

Unarchive WhatsApp Chat on iPhone

Any archived chats will automatically unarchive upon receipt of a new message from that chat. However, you can manually unarchive a chat by searching for a contact name or message from that contact.

Go to your Archived Chats screen, and slide your finger across the chat, moving from right to left.

Tap Unarchive to restore your chat.

Image: © WhatsApp.

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