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How To Save/Export Your WhatsApp Chats

If you have WhatsApp conversations that are important to you, you can copy and send them by e-mail to your email account. This will allow you to save them on your PC or keep a copy in your email account.

The send chat history feature of WhatsApp allows you to do this from your Android device. You can export an individual or group chat to your email, and even attach multimedia files.

Export An Individual or Group WhatsApp Chat from Your Android

To export an individual or group WhatsApp chat from your Android, start by opening the WhatsApp application on your Android device and pressing Menu > Settings > Chats:

Press the back button, then tap Chat history > Export chat:

Next, select accordingly if you want to attach files or not. Another way to do this is to press the chat that you want to export for a couple of seconds, and then select Send chat by mail:

Then, select the mail application you wish to use to receive the file, or select an alternative method of sharing:

From your PC, enter your email and download the TXT file with the multimedia files that you have attached. You can also add them to OneDrive to view them online. The downloaded TXT file can be opened with the Notepad of Windows, although the text will look messy. Preferably, open it with Word or Excel, which will show a more orderly presentation. However, in Excel you cannot see some special characters or emoticons.

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