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How to Recover a Suspended WhatsApp Account

Has your WhatsApp account been suspended? Although it is not usual, it can happen. If this has happened to you don't despair: in this article we will explain the reasons behind your suspension and what you can do to recover your account.

Types of Suspension

To start, you should know that there are two types of blocking: one is temporary and the other is permanent depending on the type of infractions.

Account Temporarily Suspended

If you see a message on the screen saying that your account has been temporarily suspended followed by a timer, the solution is simple. Typically when WhatsApp blocks you, it is if you have been using unofficial apps, such as WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp. In this case, we recommend that you return to the official version of the platform (before the timer reaches zero) if you do not want to see your account permanently blocked. There are several simple steps to take before to make sure that you do not lose any of your conversations that are stored in the ‘pirated’ apps.

To create a backup of GB WhatsApp , enter the application and follow the path More options> Chats> Backup . Then go to Phone Settings> Storage ; Find the folder where the GB WhatsApp files are and change the name to " WhatsApp ". From there you can uninstall the unofficial application, download the official version and restore the available backup.

If you had WhatsApp Plus , you can skip this step, since the chat history is automatically transferred to the official version of the service. Delete Plus, download WhatsApp and restore the backup.

Account Suspended Permanently

If you get a message saying that your phone number is suspended on WhatsApp. Contact Support for help, the situation is a bit more complicated. This type of suspension is due to the fact that you have violated WhatsApps terms of use..

The main reasons given for indefinitely blocking an account are related to:

  • Sending bulk, spam and spam messages
  • Abuse of annoying broadcast lists. They are considered annoying if the app receives numerous complaints from other users
  • The use of illegal contact lists obtained illegally, such purchasing numbers
  • Sharing prohibited content, such as messages that incite hatred or that are racist, threats and harassment, etc.

If you have not used WhatsApp for any of these purposes, you can use contact the application to ask the reason why you have been blocked and ask to restore your account. To do this, write an email to the WhatsApp Support service explaining that this is an error and asking for reactivation. WhatsApp ensures that it examines case by case so as not to commit injustices, so if you have not breached its conditions of use, they may allow you to reuse your account.

Tips to Avoid Suspension

Although these are mostly common sense, we remind you of some basic guidelines to avoid having problems with the use of the messaging service.

  • Be respectful with the people you communicate with through the app. When it comes to a new contact, be sure to introduce yourself, explain how you got that phone number, and of course respect the other person's wishes if he asks you not to write it again.
  • In case of being an administrator of one or several groups, you are responsible for the content within them. Therefore, we recommend that you choose moderators carefully and responsibly , and that you limit permissions so that only you decide who can and who should not send messages. And of course, do not add people who have not asked to be part of the group.
  • Finally respect peoples privacy . Never forward private information or compromised content, or spread messages with the aim of harming others.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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