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WhatsApp Will Stop Working on Certain Phones

In the coming months, the latest WhatsApp update will cause the app to stop running on some Android and iOS phone models. The instant messaging giant and other similar apps, are constantly looking for ways to evolve, improve their functionality and at the same time make sure the new updates are compatible with most smartphones. However, sometimes older smartphone models become unable to keep up with the latest updates.

With the latest WhatsApp update, as of 2021, some smartphones will no longer be able to support the app and it will cease to work. Either the app will expire, or it will keep running but will have recurring errors. In this article, we will list the smartphone models that won't be compatible with the latest WhatsApp update.

Incompatible Android Models

At this point in time, it is certain that the new WhatsApp update won't be available for the following models and in the bizarre case it is, there will be recurrent issues:

  • LG Optimus Black
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Motorola Droid Razr
  • HTC Desire

Nevertheless, it is possible that other older Android models might develop issues and end up on the list. To be certain that the latest WhatsApp update will work well on your phone, make sure you have Android version 4.0.3 or later installed on your phone. If your smartphone cannot support the latest version of Android 10.0, it is possible that this will also present issues with the latest WhatsApp update.

Note: Some Samsung mobiles use the Tizen OS. Instead of the Google Play Store, they use the Tizen Store. As of October 2020, you can longer download WhatsApp from the Tizen Store because it is no longer supported in the Tizen OS. You can also no longer update WhatsApp in the Tizen Store. It is not possible to download WhatsApp for Tizen phones.

Incompatible iPhone Models

On the iPhone side of things, there are also some models that will not be able to update to the latest WhatsApp version. As with Android, if these older phones do update, the app won't be able to function properly and will end up with recurring problems. The following models will not be able to support the newest WhatsApp update:

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5s

To ensure the functionality of the latest WhatsApp update, it will be imperative that your iPhone runs iOS9 or later. The update will also be compatible with smartphones running the KaiOS 2.5.1 and later operating systems, these include the JioPhone and JioPhone 2.

What Happens if WhatsApp Stops Working on my Phone?

If your smartphone model is incompatible with the update, WhatsApp will send you an alert informing you the date when the app will stop working on your smartphone. From that moment on, two things may occur. Either you will not be able to open WhatsApp on your phone as the latest update cannot be installed and the current version will have expired, or, you will manage to install the latest version but it will be plagued with constant errors.

Before WhatsApp stops fully working on your smartphone we recommend the following:

- If you do not want to lose your chat history; make a backup copy! This will allow you to restore all of your conversations in your new smartphone, with date, time and files.

- If you do not want to make a complete backup copy, either because you don't have enough space on your smartphone or you're not interested in keeping all of the conversations, you can export specific conversations you want to keep, with or without the associated multimedia files. Make sure to keep up with the latest updates on IOS and Android to avoid losing valuable information and get the most out of your smartphone.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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