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I reformatted my PC and now the shift keys won't type the at sign in my email address, as this is a laptop, it's not as simple as just getting a new keyboard! The shift works for the other keys, so I don't think that it is broken.

Please help!

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Press the Left ALT key and shift simultaneously
Thank you

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thank you so much it worked !!
Initially it wasn't working, but then I tried the other alt and shift keys on the right side of the keyboard and that worked.

Great suggestion, it works!!!
DUDE! YOU ARE A GOD!! thank you.
OMG thanks alot!!!
Dude, I had the same problem since I got my laptop. very frustrating...the @ symbol and the quote symbol were swapped...
to make matters worse I was getting European characters with key combos. Months of ignoring it I finally tracked it down.

Try this.. control panel -> regional and language options -> languages -> details. First try 'key settings' and untick the boxes to swap between keyboards.

But that wasn't enough for me it still kept changing keyboard layouts! (what the hell, what stupid shortcuts microsoft, don't you know Ctrl-shift is often used to select text, and at least it would be nice to turn it off.) So I simply removed US-International and UK keyboards leaving just "US"...and hey presto I have a normal keyboard layout FINALLY!

Hope that works for you, if not check out sticky keys, or I read somewhere else to try pressing left and right shift with Alt...? didn't do anything for me but it might work for you.
i tried all the suggestions above and still it wont work on my netbook....;
Thank you so much!!! it worked for me too :) you saved my time
My hero, you saved me lol. Seriously, many thanks.
There is a simpler solution, if you hit "caps lock" "SHIFT" and "ctrl" all at the same time it alters your keyboard settings. Just hold all three again and its fixed. (also if other symbols are still wrong try repeating till its back to normal. the quotation marks also switch up)
Thank you so much. That helped me so much would I have done without you. I probably would have made it even worse
i had that same problem no need to worry its easy first press alt key on the left of the keyboard then the right alt key on the right of the keyboard then you press the shift key and the at key all this is done with all 4 keys pressed in for about 5 to 10 seconds you should hear a beep from your keyboard and presto there you have it problem solved
HI there, have a simple solution for your problem.

Just follow my instructions and you should be fine:

1) click on start
2) go to control panel
3) click on region and language option (note if you are using windows vista or windows 7 click on classic view to get region and language option)
4) click on keyboard and languages tab
5) click on change keyboard option
6) add your country and select choose your country.
7) click ok.

Or if you don't want to do all theses step
  • press shift and 2 this should give you @ sign if you live in uk
  • press shift and ' this should give you @ sign if you live in us
thanx a lot ..u solved my prob shift and 2 works for me cheers
Hey man, thanks, that worked wonders for me!
Just like to say 'Thanks' as I had the reverse: I had the US keyboard config when I needed the UK one. The trouble I had finding where Yanks keep their '@'
Thanks for the tips. I am using Windows 7, and somehow hit ctrl and shift at the same time. Did it again and everything is back to normal.
> Mike
THANK YOU! I've read and tried everyone elses suggestions and nothing was working. When I saw your post and saw that you had window 7 I was thrilled. I tried the Shift and Control keys at the same time and IT WORKS. Thank you so much for the info. I was beginning to think I was going crazy!
thanks this has been a big pain in the ass for I got it to work...thanks oh so much

Thanks for the tip. Worked out 2nd try.
Pressing the left side Alt+Shift buttons worked for me;

In control panel -> region and language -> keyboards and languages tab -> click on the change keyboards button -> advanced key settings tab ->
(I'm running windows 7 btw so it might not be exact)

It should say stuff about hot keys for input languages, and it will tell you the languages present on your computer and the key combo to switch between languages

Oh, and you can also change the shortcut for switching keyboard language buttons (in the advanced key settings tab).
I have had this problem from time to time (Windows 7, Explorer) but it always occurs when I am trying to add my e-mail address to online customer information forms (e.g., technical support forms). No matter what key combinations I press, I sometimes just can't get the "@" symbol to appear (usually a " appears instead). Every time this happens, the only solution to date has been to to close the form, exit the form and the Web-site, enter the site again, and re-enter the data. It's a bit of a pain, but on the second try, it always works. I believe this problem lies with the Web-site's form, not with my keyboard or software.
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there may be a problem with that particular key.
or check if you have installed the correct driver utility for the computer.
go to the oficial website of the company to get the drivers.