Unable to attach any files in Gmail [Solved/Closed]


Previously I was able to attach files to a gmail message. Now I get an error message immediately that states it is unable to attach the file. I am using a recent version of Firefox. Please help!

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approved by Jean-François Pillou on Nov 26, 2018
Thank you
I had a similar problem and fixed it today.

When I tried to upload an attachment, nothing would happen. I wouldn't even get an error message.

I was not able to upload e-mail attachments with Firefox or Chrome, and Internet Explorer wouldn't even open any websites.

The problem may be because you accidentally changed the internet settings for the whole computer somehow and did not realize it. This could have been done by several ways, including but not limited to, fooling around with the Internet Explorer settings.

I use Firefox regularly but I fixed this problem by opening Internet Explorer and doing these steps.

Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced

When in the Advanced tab, did these two things
  • 1) Click "Restore Advanced Settings"

and then
  • 2) Click Reset (and OK to all the message warnings)

After I did that, I was able to upload e-mail attachments on g-mail with Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

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thank you
Thanks a lot...
It worked immedaitely I followed your steps.Thanks a lot because I needed to send my message to my Ipod.

God bless you
I faced exactly the same problem with my gmail and Chrome browser. My son searched and found your post. I did the same reset with Chrome and it worked! Thank you very much.
Thank you, worked as soon as i did those
Appreciate it !
Thank you
If you're seeing error messages while uploading attachments, make sure you have Flash installed. Visit http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ to check for updates and download the latest version.

In addition, please make sure that Flash is not being blocked on your computer. If your computer's default browser is Internet Explorer, make sure that it's not in "offline mode."

Please note that this feature is not supported on Linux.

If you're using Flash 10, try these troubleshooting steps (note that you may not need to do all of the things listed below to fix the problem):

* Switch your attachment settings from 'Advanced attachment features' to 'Basic attachment features' (click Settings and select the General tab to change this setting). Save your changes and try to upload your attachment again.
* Try another browser.
* Disable your proxy.
* If you continue to have trouble after following these suggestions, report it here.
Thank you

I had the same problem as you, getting errors trying to upload attachments. I tried both Gmail and Yahoo and neither worked.

I switched browsers to IE and I was able to upload any attachment. There must be some small problem in the latest Firefox update.

Hopefully Firefox will fix this issue soon.