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If the French keyboard input is activated?

August 2015

Keyboards can support various languages other than English such as French. A combination of keys can activate a keyboard for French language input. At times, the French language input can be activated due to unintentional key presses that may correspond to the language activation key sequence. To avoid accidental activation of the keyboard in French mode, the settings can be changed from the Regional and Languages icon in the control panel of the Windows operating system. The settings need to be changed so that a key sequence is not assigned or selected for activating French language on the keyboard.


I have activated the French keyboard and I do not know how to return it to English. Please help with this issue.


I have figured out why this goes on so frequently. There is a keyboard combination that switches languages. Mine was set to Ctrl-Alt which gets hit occasionally. There are two ways to turn it off...
  • 1. Near the bottom right of the screen there is an icon of a keyboard.
    • Left click and select US keyboard if it is set to French. This turns it off but it doesn't prevent it from getting switched on again.
  • 2. There is a permanent solution to this issue and there are two ways to do this.
    • Right click on the keyboard icon and left click Settings.
    • Select the Advanced Key Settings tab.
    • Click the Change Key Sequence button and select not assigned.
    • Click OK a few times and you're done.

If you cannot locate the keyboard icon you can get to it through the control panel.
  • Go to Regional and Language control panel.
  • Select the keyboards and languages tab and click the change keyboards button.

This takes you to the language settings described in step 2 above.


Thanks to Brian V for this tip on the forum.
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