How to recover Google account password: without phone number

How to recover Google account password: without phone number

Today, you can use your Google account to access tons of services online. However, if you've forgotten your password, you won't be able to benefit from this possibility. Here's how you can recover your password.

How to recover a Google Account?

Go to Google's Password Recovery page, and select I don't know my password. Enter your email address and password (or the last one that you remember using for your account if you have forgotten it), and click Continue, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the recovery process:

Enter password google account
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If the password that you have entered is not correct you should first be prompted to answer one of the security questions that you created when setting up your account. If you do not know the correct answer or don't remember setting up a security question, select try another way, this should then give you the option to enter your mobile number to confirm the account belongs to you.

Enter phone
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If you know and have access to the mobile phone number that you used to create your account, then enter your mobile number. If you chose this as one of the recovery methods for your account you should receive a message from Google with a code that you can use to reset your password. If you don't remember which mobile phone that you had connected then select "I don't have my phone", Google will then propose several other ways of recovering your account without your mobile number. 

How to recover Google account without phone number?

It won't be easy recovering your Google account without the phone number associated with your Google account, as even after selecting "I don't have my phone", Google then prompts you to "Get your OnePlus OnePlus6T", these are both Android devices... which you may or may not have, despite stating that you don't have your phone. 

Google recovery without phone
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The next step that you should be able to follow if you don't have your mobile phone is as follows:

Other methods
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