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cyberxtremer - Jun 22, 2008 at 04:21 PM - Latest reply:  alias
- Mar 30, 2018 at 02:02 PM
strange problem - the start menu keeps popping up in between. whenever I press 'u', the utility anager opens up. siilarly< I press any key, then its shortcut with 'windows+that key' opens up..

damn irritating.. cant do any thing ...

one more thing>>...
have turned on caps lock n then pressing shift n typing, because otherwise the shortcuts open up...
and this way 'M' not working, but when I release shift n press it,
the window MiniMizes

sorry the m is missing , because that key doesnt work..

i faced this thing long onths back. tried a vbs script 2 release the window key. but stil soe other key gave probles. now since 6 months its working fine. I suspect soe script or a small virus. but in that case, when I remove the keyboard, this doesnt happen. so I cant understand wHat the problem actually is.

tell me something - is there any way to correct keyboard error ?? other than pressing F4 ??

one more thing I tried - when pressing those keys fro on screen keyboard, the shortcuts open up. so this cant be any keyboard fault> definitely soe sall virus or script

but nod32 dsnt show anything suspicious !
and I dont think its soe virus .. coz it was running fine ... I never opened any page or anythin that time... it can be a small virus or script too, n may not be too .. confusing !!

any help ????
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DawnF 1 Posts Friday November 16, 2012Registration date November 16, 2012 Last seen - Nov 16, 2012 at 03:22 PM
Thank you
When I come across this problem, I hold down the CTRL+ALT then P and it corrects the problem all the time!

Try it,,,,,CTRl + ALT then P

Thank you, DawnF 146

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I had a problem with keyboard only working with shortcuts and it worked, had no idea it was possible t :) thanks
Thanks you so much
Thank you so much. It worked for me
Thanks!!!!!!!!! This was driving me crazy!!!
Thank you
sounds like your windows key may be physically stuck. when you press that key it activates shortcuts... if its permanently stuck it will always be active!
Thank you guys so much, I had the dame exact problem! Crtl + alt + p worked for me :D
same problem - Apr 9, 2009 at 03:13 PM
Thank you
same problem! fixed: looked up shortcuts... holding windows key down and typeing those letters does short cuts for menus... my windows key was apperently stuck down, tapped both of them a couple times and now no more short cuts whenever I hit y,u,h,j,n,m.
Seems like it could be a Sticky Keys problem. If Sticky Keys accidentally gets turned on, the Windows modifier keys (ctl, alt, Windows key) will stay on if struck twice in a row. If typing the "f" key opens up search in a folder window and "u" opens the Windows Utility Manager, then the Windows key is in "sticky" state. Typing the sticky key (e.g., the Windows key) twice should unstick it. If you type two keys at exactly the same time, it should turn sticky keys off. As a last resort, logging off or rebooting should also turn off Sticky Keys.
thanks.. this is working..
thanks. I sold my laptop and the guy was asking "what's up with the keyboard?!". After a little reserch found this post and replied to him with this. Never heard from him again. lol . gracias dino
Nice!! Thank you for the Sticky Keys solution. : )
Saurabh2446 - Jan 22, 2010 at 01:56 AM
Thank you
hey guy's I got the same problem and I solved it by just simple common sense.
who the hell said these that mighty be a virus/script on keyboard.
coming on to the problem ,the following steps would solve your problem:
1)first go to control panel.
2)Then go to "regional and langauge option"
3)then go to "langauge"tab
4)click on details.
5)then select the default input langauge as english (united states) us
6)then in installed services in keyboard select US.
then press apply
it will ask you to restart.restart pc and problem is solved
and if your problem is still not solved then it's time to trash your keyboard and buy a new one
Damn, this really solved my problem. Thank you bro. "ghghghghghghg" haha.
Mendim H. > rma - Feb 3, 2010 at 08:57 AM
this proram solve your problem??
That worked. Didn't have to log back in. Fabulous! - Dec 5, 2009 at 12:09 PM
Thank you
Same problem! fixed: looked up shortcuts... holding windows key down and typeing those letters does short cuts for menus... my windows key was apperently stuck down, tapped both of them a couple times and now no more short cuts whenever I hit y,u,h,j,n,m.

Yup that worked for me to, just double tapped my windows keys a few times, problem solved ,thanks..
Thank you
I've had similar problems with my keyboard.
This happens because a script (small piece of data that causes an effect) has been run in the background of your computer (unknown to you), and it has caused a number of things to happen.
Right now I am battling with something that drops the odd letter from my typing, so a letter will simly act as if not pressed.
I would recommend googling the following applications which are free, and using them to remove your problem.
"Hijack this"
"spybot search and destroy"
"Avast Home 4"

The combination of these 3 programs will keep your computer running safe and well.
Good one I totatly believe that

"This happens because a script (small piece of data that causes an effect) has been run"

but not exactly in the background. I reinstall my Windows Xp many time, not just for it but others thing. Something must be wrong with the script inside the keyboard? I tried opening one of my key and tap it but it wouldn't just press.
Thank you
Hello everyone a friend of mine is having the EXACT problem with her computer/keyboard when she presses any buttons on the keyboard it will activate shortcuts for applications on her computer. Has there been any way to stop this from happening? or any suggestions at all if so I am ALL ears it would be amazing as she cannot use her pc because of the lack of keyboard cooperation. She will be off to college this coming Sept. and possibly taking this computer to school with her so any corrections or solutions would be AMAZING thanks for the time.

~ Mike ~
Thank you
Changing the keyboard solved the problem. Thanks to all for their help...
JoshuaXiong - Aug 25, 2008 at 10:29 AM
Thank you
True, some of my keys seems like thhey are stuck . I''m usin a laptop. And tey are stuck and tis hhow I type now but you can always use te On Screen Keyboard.
Thank you
I've the same on a laptop, even after the drive was moved from one laptop to another so it's certainly not an actual key...
So you're saying it's the hard drive fault?
anny > Joshua Xiong - Nov 7, 2008 at 05:21 PM
I had a keyboard problems 3 months a go. still effected with this problems. I already formated the windows...still not working...also updating the bios still not cured the problems.

My laptop cannot used no key and backspace...

there are 4 more lptop had this kind of strange problems...but they had problems on different key such as f and enter...others effected error key...
reallly need to find the solutions..cos my bitdeffender does not show any suspicious items...also try norton stilll nothing...and avira also dont shows virus problem either.............please someone help me up
your prob is usually caused by bad connection with the keyboard connecting wires
Thank you
restarting the computer usualy helps