Caps lock working in reverse [Solved/Closed]

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Please help my caps lock on my acer emachine keyboard is working on reverse when I hit the caps lock ON the letters becomes SMALL but when I hit it OFF the letters becomes BIG>>>PLEASE help>>

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Thank you
Try this trick. Go into Microsoft Word and type "tHANKS" and it will autocorrect it back to "Thanks" and your keyboard should be in sync with your monitor. I've noticed that my screen says the caps lock is off but my keyboard says it is on and after I try this trick it works again.

Thank you, lostme 399

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wow.. funny, it worked.. hahahahaha
weird, but effective. thanks
Thank you. Fixed the problem.
Thanks tHANKS .... Thanks ....Haha ...
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Thank you

Try this 1

1) First check if the shift keys didn't got stuck.

2) Click on Start --> Control Panel --> Ease of Access --> Ease of Access

Center --> Make the keyboard easier to use.

Under "Make it easier to type", uncheck all the options --> Click on "OK" button.

Good Luck
you are a freaking genius man thanks a lottttt