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Instagram messenger "unavailable in my area" - ??

Hello, I want to update my Instagram with messenger but it keeps saying that it's not available in my area. Does anyone know what that is? Than...

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Insta password ok but still asking for backup or auth code

Hello folks, I logged in today and for some reason I can't access one of my accounts. I reset the password already (via email link). No problem. But o...

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Instagram account hacked and email changed

Hello,  can you help me to see this asterisk b*******2@d*****.com because my instagram acc was hacked and that email they used. ​​​​​​​

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Instagram keeps losing about 30 followers

About 30 followers constantly disappear on my Instagram, and then abruptly return without notification, how is this possible?

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Can't sign in to ig account

Hello, I can't sign in into our business IG account. It's saying that it sent the code to the email but I'm not getting the email. I tried recovering...

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How to get real instagram followers?


Hello, I need 100% Real Organic Instagram followers

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What to do about instagram reels not showing?

Hi, I know this is an old problem probably with no straight answer. But I would really appreciate it if you give me any tricks which might help to ...

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Photo posted becomes black image

Hello, when I posted photo through Android in Instagram app it becomes black and can't see it after it's posted. And I have no idea how to fix it. It ...

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Fb/ig unauthorized login but appearing as my device


Hi everyone, I unfortunately responded to a request from a friend on Instagram asking me to copy a link he sent via text. Asked I not click on the lin...

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Can’t access settings for a few days lock out

Hello, I hope whoever reads this message is well!  I’ve been experiencing an issue since before Christmas and I have no idea what to do. When openi...

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Instagram. follower doesn't exist


Hello, Got notification that a  user was following me  but on checking account no follower of this name and checking further the account doesn't exis...

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Who should create ig business account?


Hello. I was offered a job. The company has a business FB page, but doesn't have an IG account and needs one. My question is: who should create it? Sh...

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"couldn't post comment. tap to try again"


Hello, Instagram won't let me comment on any posts, even my own! This has been happening for a few days. Maybe a glitch since their last update 3 day...

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Instagram music not saving


Hello, I cant save more than 10 songs on instagram music, when i go to my saved when creating a story only latest 10  saved songs show. I have restar...

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My instagram account is disabled for no reason !


Hello, my Instagram account is disabled for no reason ! PLS HELP I NEED IT SOOO MUCH !

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Instagram not updating people i follow total

Hello All, Nice to join the forum. I am currently unfollowing some accounts on Instagram.    However, when I return to my profile page, it still sa...

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Link between instagram accounts


Hello! I hope you are doing well. I have a question regarding Instagram accounts. I have 1 personal account and 1 professional (for my husband). I'...

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Locked out of instagram account

Got quite a challenging one here, so I was unfollowing a few people that I’m not friends with anymore and instagram decided that it was against its t...

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Instagram requests a selfie and didn’t returned my account


Hello, who can explain why after sending a selfie with a code on a piece of paper, a message came in the mail that “We can't give you access to this ...

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Can no longer paste text into insta


I tried last night to copy hash tags from my notepad app so Im not re typing them every post obviously. But I no longer can do this. The paste option ...

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I can log in in my account

Hello, Instagram logged me out of my account and when I try to log in from the app it say 'an unknown error has occurred', has been like this for 2 d...

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My instagram account has been disabled for violating terms


Hello, I deactivated my account months ago, and now I would like to log in but it tells me that my account has been disabled for violating the terms....

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Was i suspend or banned


Hello, I dont know if my account is suspend or banned. it just logged me out my frens can still see my page name bio and pop and I can too from my ot...

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How to use live videos for instagram marketing

any idea ??

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Activity problem

Hello, I have the activity status turned on in my settings, yet on my iPhone I do not see who is online among my friends in the DM. If I delete the a...

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My instagram account is disable

Hi sir I have Instagram account but before 3 months disable not run ads please I need your help please recover my account 

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Accidentally switched from business to personal!


Hello, Our business account was accidentally switched from a business account to a personal account. I can't seem to switch it back straight away. Do...

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No search bar or msg header on instagram


Hello,  I'm using instagram on my home PC.  There is no messenger or search bar.  Running win 10.  Has anybody else had this problem?  I have logged o...

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Instagram acciunt hacked / can't go thirough selfie verific

Hello, Help required! My wife's instagram got hacked and going through support is a damn nightmare. Obviously we can't send a Security Code via Em...

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How do i unrecognize my device from an acct i no longer own?


So here's the situation: I am a Kpop fan. I was the creator of a fanpage about a Kpop idol on Instagram, but another person (let's say her name is Ben...

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Disabled ads (promotion) and restriction from advertising

Hello, I promoted my Instagram account and received a massage that my Ads are disabled and my account  have been restricted from advertising. Please h...

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I need instagram help

Can you help me delete my inactive Instagram account? It keeps sending me a verification code to an old email address. I was told if I file 15-20 repo...

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Instgram account deleted/disabled. why? and how i get back?

Hello, My instagram account has disappeared.  It said unusual behaviour and now I cannot find it.  How do I get my account back? How do I talk to so...

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Only hashtag top post: how to view rest of the hashtags?


Hello, While working, I use Instagram on my lap browser. When I search any hashtag, only the top post appears. I've had this problem for nearly a mon...

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Instagram is blocking all the comments i'm doing

Hello, Since the creation of my Instagram account in August, I can't manage to use it properly because all my comments (almost) are deleted as soon a...

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Instagram stopped showing tags in desktop, how to fix?


Hello, I'm using Instagram in desktop, but two weeks ago Instagram stopped showing content by tag -  ...

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Hashtag search. limited results. i'm getting mad


Hello, I have a problem since a few weeks when I make a research using a hashtag on my PC  Only 9 posts will be displayed called "Best posts" F...

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How to remove phone number from i̇nstagram

Hello, Hello. I can't remove my phone number from Instagram? How is it removed? It doesn't seem active to me either.

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Minors fighting is allowed?

Hello, whoever cares, I was on my Instagram feed and found this video of two high schoolers fighting! Now I usually report these because they are vide...

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Get more instagram followers

Hello, I kindly need your help. I've mentioned that almost all even smallest companies have thousands of followers on Instagram. I've read a lot of a...

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Multiple instagram accounts


Hello, Ik have 3 instagram accounts. If people click on my account, can they see i have more accounts? Thanks

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How i recover my instagram account?

It is imperative that I retrieve my Instagram account as soon as possible. Three weeks ago, Insta asked me to verify my email address - which I haven'...

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Delete instagram account

Hello, a few days ago I created a second instagram account that I would like to delete but when I enter the password it tells me that it is not valid....

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Ig music turning to static after posting

Hello, When I add music from the IG library to a video, it turns into static when I post the video.  I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it last ni...

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How to hide facebook click id from instagram link in bio?

Hello peoples... From some days I have seen that my Instagram Business Profile link in bio as changed... Before was: Now is:

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Couldn’t request an sms code after 24 hours passed instagram

Hello, I had this issue with my Instagram account it. I had issues with my provider that I was not receiving any sms codes. I fixed this issue alrea...

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Instagram reply function missing

Hello, I noticed my friends are able to use the reply function and different emojis to react to my messages. I can see that they replied to a specifi...

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There was a problem logging you into insta please try again

Hello, I am unable to login to my account and have tried all the steps mentioned. All it says is : there was a problem logging you into instagram. Pl...

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Blocked accounts posting in my feed

I've shut down and restarted everything possible, uninstalled and reinstalled Instagram twice. Blocked accounts are posting in my feed daily. Some are...

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Cannot log in to instagram desktop

I have 2 Instagram accounts (one for work and one personal), both of which I use mostly the desktop version... but I have both accounts on my Android ...

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