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  • factory reset Closed

    how do i factory reset a Toshiba Satellite

    afewmissed | Latest reply: afewmissed Sep 7, 2014
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  • Dell inspirion 1721 not charging Closed

    My Laptop would not come on was having problem with the batterie where I would have to keep the charger in, in order for it to work so one day it just...

    Grier | Latest reply: carminabigue Sep 7, 2014
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  • gateway laptop screen stays black Closed

    I have a gateway laptop and went to shut it down when done using it. It said it needed to update so I clicked that option however the screen just went...

    ajstyle7476 | Latest reply: carminabigue Sep 7, 2014
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  • Toshiba display problem Solved/Closed

    Hi My laptop is toshiba and i working on windows 8 labtop was working fine but suddenly the screen went to many colors and then started again an...

    assoma12 | Latest reply: assoma12 Sep 6, 2014
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  • Black Laptop Screen After Unplugging from HDMI Cable and TV Solved/Closed

    Hi! I have a Toshiba laptop using windows 8. I plugged it into a friend's TV using an HDMI cable to watch a movie. I unplugged the laptop from the ca...

    jcress | Latest reply: jcress Sep 5, 2014
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  • Folder Lock Closed

    Hello guys could anyone plz help me? I have a difficulty with folder lock. I accidently locked the folder lock file and i now cannot get to it. And b...

    AwesomeDude13 | Latest reply: AwesomeDude13 Sep 5, 2014
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  • curser will not move the page up by the arrow at the bottom of p Closed

    Suddenly my curser will not move the page up by the arrow at the bottom of the page. It still will move the page by using the darkened area between th...

    ronroberta | Latest reply: xpcman Sep 5, 2014
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  • Dell Inspiron laptop not starting Closed

    Dear friends, My laptop is not starting, it us unable to boot up. when I press power button then it just make beep sound 8 times. please suggest me ...

    punit2014 | Latest reply: Ambucias Sep 5, 2014
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  • Compaq Presario CQ42 notebook will not turn on Closed

    Dear Everyone, A few days ago my computer cannot be turned on. The hard drive light indicator will flash for several seconds then will stop for sever...

    flumian | Latest reply: xpcman Sep 5, 2014
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  • Battery problem very urgent Closed

    Hello, i just observed the my laptop battery is showing a cross symbol. when i bring the pointer to it says CONSIDER REPLACING YOUR BATTERY.SO YOUR ...

    Karnaka | Latest reply: xpcman Sep 5, 2014
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  • dell inspiron 3520 Closed

    My laptop will only go to the log on screen and allows me to put a password in and it says welcome and looks like it's going to load my desktop but in...

    eloos | Latest reply: eloos Sep 4, 2014
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  • laptop doesn't recognize my sony mp3 player Closed

    Hello, my laptop has suddenly stopped recognizing my mp3 player. there's no "portable devices" tab in the device manager. any suggestions for fi...

    djfeigel | Latest reply: djfeigel Sep 4, 2014
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  • Laptop Starting Problem not starting windows Closed

    Hi, I have a Lenovo G500 laptop. Last night it is working, today early morning i will start the my system when power on button is pressing in that...

    vasu001 | Latest reply: howtoconnect Sep 4, 2014
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  • toshiba satellitel25-s121 Closed

    Hello, how do i fix my computer if someone cleared everythang? Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 36.0.1985.143

    matt.chamber... | Latest reply: matt.chambers1983 Sep 4, 2014
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  • Dell Latitude D630 Closed

    how do i bypass the system or administrator password on a Dell Latitude D630 Lab top COMPUTER?

    matt.chamber... | Latest reply: Ambucias Sep 4, 2014
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  • How to register mjgo Closed

    I just need to register my mjgo and need assistant in doing so

    cecilhamil | Latest reply: xpcman Sep 3, 2014
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  • resolution causes shutdown Closed

    i have a problem with my graphics ... when resolution is set to low the computer runs well but as soon as it is set high the computer shuts down.........

    unansweredh0wls | Latest reply: ac3mark Sep 3, 2014
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  • my sansung laptop model RV508 shutdown after watching movie 15-2 Closed

    my sansung laptop model RV508 shutdown after watching movie 15-20 min.

    biswajitsahu | Latest reply: ac3mark Sep 3, 2014
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  • Black screen with no noising Closed

    Hi I have a Hp 625 laptop.When I power it on is only the power button light that glow with a black screen.I did not hear any sound of the hard drive a...

    Djleecz | Latest reply: Djleecz Sep 3, 2014
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  • Toshiba Help Closed

    Within the last two months, I purchased a Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5340 that came with Windows 8 pre-installed. I got it secondhand, from a pawn shop ...

    nyx.hallow | Latest reply: nyx.hallow Sep 2, 2014
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  • Toshiba instead of going onto the desktop it went black Closed

    Was just on my laptop and it came up with an update, it does this often so I let it restart like usual, but this time when it came back on, it started...

    Abbiejade | Latest reply: Ambucias Sep 2, 2014
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  • My laptop's desktop icon and taskbar is missing Closed

    Hello, My Toshiba Satellite L7755 - S7105 laptop's desktop icon and taskbar is missing. I have tried everything that was said in the previous sugg...

    Diamond34 | Latest reply: Ambucias Sep 1, 2014
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  • HP pavillion laptop shows only black screen Closed

    hi Guys , i have HP pavillion laptop .it shows only battery charging led i am trying to start but it shows only black screen after the press powe...

    v918 | Latest reply: v918 Sep 1, 2014
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  • Blank but working Closed

    I have a acer aspire E 15 I was on the internet then I logged off then shut down then I turned it on then logged on the relised that nothing was comin...

    Lance-iuli | Latest reply: Lance-iuli Sep 1, 2014
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  • the laptop screen is going black Closed

    Hello, Sir/Madam,My dell inspiron laptop is not starting.After our windows starting the laptop screen is going black and the starting menu is not ...

    Venkatesh | Latest reply: Lance-iuli Aug 31, 2014
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  • Dell laptop startup problem (Plzz its urgent!) Closed

    Hi. I have a Dell Inspiron core i5 and its been working perfectly for 2 years now until recently...when i turn it on a black screen shows and it makes...

    robbie17 | Latest reply: robbie17 Aug 31, 2014
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  • Gateway NE56R41u Update Problem Closed

    My laptop auto-updated and now when I sign in I only have a blank screen. Windows does not open thus I can re-set to original settings. What can I do.

    katiecjpa | Latest reply: katiecjpa Aug 30, 2014
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  • After I start my PC, it doesn't show Anything (black screen) Solved/Closed

    idk what the hel's going on, I've been through these forums, I've tried the take the battery ++ the power cable, wait x seconds, didn't work. Sometim...

    rainlight | Latest reply: 2011N2 Aug 30, 2014
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  • gateway laptop will not turn on Closed

    Turned on then I turded off will not come back on can some body help.

    gtb56 | Latest reply: gtb56 Aug 29, 2014
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  • Dell Inspiron 1501 Closed

    I bought this laptop Dell Inspiron 1501 the screen is black you can tell it is on the girl said the you could see the cursor when it first comes on bu...

    char2roos | Latest reply: ac3mark Aug 29, 2014
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  • gateway nv series wont boot Closed

    hi there i have a gateway nvseries that wont boot up, when i press the power button i can hear the fan working which means that power goes to mobo bu...

    Tironci | Latest reply: Tironci Aug 29, 2014
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  • Discoverability and connectivity problem Closed

    I am unable to receive via bluetooth dongle in my Dell Inspiron 1525 32 bit.

    Bindig | Latest reply: Bindig Aug 28, 2014
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  • how to uninstall windows 8.1 from my toshiba laptop Closed

    Does anyone know how to uninstall windows 8.1 from off my Toshiba laptop so as to restore it back to windows 8?? Is that even possible??

    shamdamzel | Latest reply: shamdamzel Aug 28, 2014
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  • Dell laptop Closed

    I brought a dell laptop a year ago, I haven't used it much and now it won't turn on or charge. What can I do! And what's going on

    Jessicatran | Latest reply: HaykelTech Aug 28, 2014
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  • shortcut virus Closed laptop has shortcut folder problem ....all folder has shortcut folder.....i send u the zhpdiag .txt...pls ...

    shormi | Latest reply: 2011N2 Aug 28, 2014
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  • Regarding laptap some keys not working Closed

    Hi, I have a the Emachines laptap.From last one month some keys(ctrl,5,7,Fn,shift Etc) not working. Why they are not working.Is there any soluti...

    ShilpaReddyk | Latest reply: Ambucias Aug 28, 2014
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  • Dell Inspiron 15 Not starting Closed

    I had bought Dell Inspiron 15 3 months ago and it was working properly till yesterday. But now the problem is whenever I am starting the laptop- The ...

    VICKORTY | Latest reply: VICKORTY Aug 27, 2014
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  • Sony Vaio stuck flashing initial Vaio logo Closed

    I have a Sony Vaio SVS131E1DL running Windows 8. Every time I boot the computer up it displays the initial Vaio logo, then the screen will flash from ...

    DeadEyeMcS | Latest reply: DeadEyeMcS Aug 27, 2014
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  • my toshiba satalite c850-192 laptop keeps shutting down Closed

    Hi. A few days ago I installed windows 8.1 to my previous windows 8 laptop which seemed like a good idea. I also have the sims 3 deluxe edition which ...

    shamdamzel | Latest reply: shamdamzel Aug 27, 2014
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  • dell laptop screen is gone black Closed

    I have a Dell inspiron 15 and when I turned on my computer I can see the dell logo and for me to log in but once I logg into my account the screen loo...

    jgonzalez031794 | Latest reply: jgonzalez031794 Aug 27, 2014
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  • computer wont start Closed

    I have an older Toshiba computer. It is about 3-4 years old. every time I start it,the Toshiba pops upon the screen with the press f2 or f12. Then a ...

    ask47 | Latest reply: Ambucias Aug 26, 2014
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  • Laptop , no power, boot after new screen replacement-booted one Closed

    After replacing the screen in an acer aspire the computer booted just fine. after shutting down the computer , it no longer will boot, or charge, no l...

    darlenad | Latest reply: darlenad Aug 26, 2014
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  • Dell Inspiron 1501 Closed

    When I turn the power on I get page that says Dell inspirion 1501 series BIOS revision 2.4.1. on the bottom of the screen in grey area says"press...

    goaliemom | Latest reply: goaliemom Aug 26, 2014
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  • Compaq presario power button only the power button light comes o Closed

    My Compaq preparing laptop refuses to turn on. When I press the power button only the power button light comes on for a few seconds and then turns bac...

    Aliski2014 | Latest reply: xpcman Aug 26, 2014
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  • Toshiba Qosmio x500-128 Black screen on start up Closed

    laptop turns on but it does not start, screen is black, tried taking the battery out and holding the start button for 30 sec. also tried the start and...

    ricky1707 | Latest reply: Brainy100 Aug 26, 2014
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  • toshiba laptop wont turn on. Closed

    Hi i have a toshiba p755 s5120 and the hard drive was acting out so i decided to put an old one while the replacement arrived but as soon as i put the...

    kennygpr | Latest reply: kennygpr Aug 26, 2014
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  • Laptop screen stays black when powered Closed

    My laptop screen stays black whenever I turn it on. The lights still come up saying I have power though.

    Lezhul | Latest reply: johnebadbak74 Aug 25, 2014
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  • screen problem Closed

    while i open windows from laptop, some disturbance occurs on the. why is it so.The icons are not visible.

    saravanagk | Latest reply: Josephadu Aug 25, 2014
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  • Toshiba Satellite A210, Reset to Factory (optical drive broken) Closed

    Hello, I need to restore my laptop (Toshiba, Satellite A-210 - STO, PSAFGC - ST008C) to factory settings. If there ever were back-up cd's, they wou...

    thefax | Latest reply: thefax Aug 25, 2014
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  • Pavilion dv6-3100sa black screen_beeps15x but never starts-HELP! Closed

    Dear kioskea team and anyone out there, pls help! I can't get my pavilion dv6 start running. Have already tried to unplug, remove battery etc. ...

    AKpavilion | Latest reply: Ambucias Aug 24, 2014
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