Number pad not working in Excel [Solved/Closed]

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I have an extended keyboard on a MacBook pro and the number pad won't work. letters all work. num pad works fine everywhere else - word, safari, etc. just not in excel. a wireless Targus keypad suddenly doesn't work anymore either. targus says it never should have worked but it did for a few years. now nothing. there is no num lock on the keyboard and I tried all the 'f' keys. f14 is the scroll lock but no num lock.

Any thoughts anyone?

System Configuration: Mac OS X / Safari 533.16

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Just found the answer: Shift-Clear (key above the 7) turns num lock on and off. Who in the world would think of that?

BTW, f14 is the scroll lock.

Posting this in case others have the same problem!

Thank you

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Thanks buddy, that's been driving me mad for the last week!
Still working now!

iMac / May 2017

Thanks a lot!
Thank you!!! Who would have thought! Shift + Clear = Num Lock
Thanks! What a vexing problem this was for me!
THANK YOU!! Life saver LOL
It solved my problem too! Thanks!