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  • recover your sd card password Closed

    how to recover your sd card password

    Babulkr | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 7, 2015
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  • external hardrive became RAW Solved/Closed

    Hello, i have 500 GB store jet transcend external hard drive which suddenly became RAW. I have formatted the disk is there any way to fix my drive ple...

    shubhankarSRT | Latest reply: shubhankarSRT Jan 7, 2015
    2 replies
  • Hard drive data recovery access denied Solved/Closed

    Hello, my hard drive recently became partially corrupted, so I'm trying to copy the data to another one to see what I can salvage, but when I try to a...

    Sevikodkod | Latest reply: Sevikodkod Jan 5, 2015
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  • portable hard disk toshiba canvio 2tb hard disk is corrupted r Closed

    dear i have a problem to my toshiba portable hard disk its no open in laptop or any computer its showing that your hard disk is corrupted r unreadable...

    saqionly | Latest reply: KY_WD Jan 5, 2015
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  • File or directory is corrupted or unreadable error Closed

    i request you to provide me a solution regarding this issue. I don't want to format my hard disk as it contain some personal important messages

    utkarshsingh422 | Latest reply: Boogieman_WD Jan 5, 2015
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  • My disc drive has complications Closed

    I messed with my computer last night and now it's killing me. I can use the eject button to eject my DVD RAM. But when I use Window's eject function ...

    Akari-chan | Latest reply: R2D2_WD Jan 5, 2015
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  • western digital removable hard drive Closed

    i have a WD hard drive I just plugged into my office laptop today and i saw a message 'power surge xxx' then i don't see any detection from my l...

    csasharon | Latest reply: Boogieman_WD Jan 5, 2015
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  • plz!! need help with my external HD Closed

    guys, need your help pls: I have 3TB WD external HD, worked perfectly up to a week ago, but now it doesnt show on "my computer" and also get a m...

    poisoned-apple | Latest reply: R2D2_WD Jan 5, 2015
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  • No bootable device mistake of deleting my hard drive Closed

    Im having an issue i have a toshiba L50Dt-B and it doesnt have a cd rom or anything that i can load i had an issue with a virus and i made the mistake...

    frozenhockeyfan | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 2, 2015
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  • i have a problem with access dnied on local disk c but even when Closed

    i have a problem with access dnied on local disk c but even when i run it still dnies me access

    jowbrave | Latest reply: KY_WD Jan 1, 2015
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  • WD Hard Drive 1 TB not recognized by Windows Closed

    Hi, I am using a WD My Passport 1 TB External Hard Drive for the past 2 years. I have tried connecting my hard drive to my Laptop but it wont recogni...

    hatman_absurd | Latest reply: KY_WD Jan 1, 2015
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  • can't copy to external hard drive Closed

    Hello, I have just bought a 100g external hard drive. Bare with me as I am a novice. Hard drive advertised as being able to use on both Mac and PC...

    mel | Latest reply: samata Jan 1, 2015
    12 replies
  • Western Digital 1TB External Hard Drive , Not able to copy data Closed

    Hello, I have a WD 1TB external hard drive (MY PASSPORT) , supposed new without documentation. The light comes on and there are soft noises from with...

    arunar369 | Latest reply: arunar369 Dec 31, 2014
    6 replies
  • reset hp pavilion screw up Closed

    I reset my HP pavilion entertainment pc and didn't do a system image back up . Now it asking me to add drivers and to insert the installation media f...

    Delessia | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 30, 2014
    1 reply
  • not formatting Closed

    My pen drive is unable to format.... and when i try to open it dialog box appears please insert a disk ??? now whats the solution.... please help me

    srish | Latest reply: nathanwirth Dec 29, 2014
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  • Faulty external hard drive Closed

    can external hard drives be repaired? if yes can anyone in abuja do it. Thanks.

    donkane | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 27, 2014
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  • wd 75000kmuv can not recognize any PC Closed

    I have a WD HDD USB ??750 and I can not recognize any PC. Light and disco lights tour . When connecting to a pc duse that is being installed , but doe...

    Alesa57 | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 26, 2014
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  • space in my C: drive Closed

    Hello, I m using win 7 on my sony vaio. If i delete any programs from control panel - uninstall program then automatically space increase in my ...

    smit patel | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 25, 2014
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  • how i creat more yhan 8 partition as primary Solved/Closed

    in windows 8 disk i just create only 3 drive , when i try to create more partition its only unallocated pls help

    biggoswami | Latest reply: ChrisWood3 Dec 25, 2014
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  • i have a toshiba external hard drive that doesnt show up Closed

    Hello, my external harddrive doesnt show up under my computer when plugged in, but it shows up under the controll panel, says it is working properl...

    kevin | Latest reply: R2D2_WD Dec 24, 2014
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  • boot up problems Closed

    my laptop will not boot toshiba L670 win 7

    gerrythomas | Latest reply: Boogieman_WD Dec 22, 2014
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  • how to download bootable disk to cd Solved/Closed

    pls send me a link the steps on how to download bootable disk to cd

    raymund.galve | Latest reply: KY_WD Dec 22, 2014
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  • WD 1TB harddisc detected by computer but not usable Closed

    Hello, I have a 1TB external hard disc, it was working fine until yesterday. All of a sudden its not accessable now. When I connect to machine th...

    Hanuman | Latest reply: R2D2_WD Dec 22, 2014
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  • blue screen Closed

    What causes my laptop with windows vista to go to a blue screen saying computer is about to crash ?

    snoebird | Latest reply: snoebird Dec 20, 2014
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  • You are awesome Closed

    Hello, This article was right on the money--Thank you! Configuration: Windows 7 / Mozilla 11.0

    Realcujo | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 18, 2014
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  • Seagate external hard drive not showing up in my computer. Closed

    Hello, My 320 GB Seagate external hard drive is detected but not showing up in my computer. What should I do? In cmd> diskpart> list volume it d...

    sherdil | Latest reply: Yogi Dec 17, 2014
    12 replies
  • connect my hdmi cable but its not compatible with the software Closed

    Hello, iam trying to connect my hdmi cable but its not compatible with the software iam using i need new driver for hdmi for window 7 Configu...

    nick | Latest reply: R2D2_WD Dec 17, 2014
    1 reply
  • Removable drive doesn't show in My Computer Closed

    Hello, I used your method, but the problem was not finished. My removable drive didn't show up in My Computer but i could open it from disk manage...

    AdiSarma | Latest reply: R2D2_WD Dec 17, 2014
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  • Can i still recover the files after reinstalling window? Closed

    Sir, i installed protected folder from IOBIT site i put my files from hard drive D: then i hide them because they are important for me then i was just...

    GelsonMark | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 15, 2014
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  • I have seen my external hard drive, but still it doesnt open Closed

    I have a 1 Tb "WD External Hard Drive" it was worked good before few weeks but not it is not opening on my PC. a) Light is blinking. b) Drive sh...

    Dev_ADY | Latest reply: R2D2_WD Dec 15, 2014
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  • Hard drive Scan failure message meaning? Closed

    Hello, a Quick Scan with Western Digital Data Life gaurd diagnostic tool sends this error after 4 seconds. "Quick test on drive2 did not complete! ...

    Errefae | Latest reply: R2D2_WD Dec 15, 2014
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  • How do I modify file permissions ? Closed

    On an external hard drive I have about 500 GB of old back-up files which I no longer want. So I thought I would delete them. But this has so far pro...

    steve2006 | Latest reply: steve2006 Dec 14, 2014
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  • files transfer slow and then stop all together Closed

    When I try to transfer files from my Toshiba ext HD, files will start to transfer but its very slow and then it stops and I get error 0x8007045d. How...

    Cabanajim | Latest reply: Cabanajim Dec 14, 2014
    4 replies
  • usb problem file or directory is corrupted or unreadable Closed

    Hello, sir when i open my usb so it said (the file or directory is correpted or unreadable )and also that when i open it from cmd it also...

    usama | Latest reply: usama Dec 13, 2014
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  • format problems. Solved/Closed

    i m having a "seagate 500 GB st3500418as desktop" but a problem of hard disk formatting with xp os in which i had 5 partition it shows the partitions...

    moresagar | Latest reply: sagar Dec 13, 2014
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  • Harddrive not showing folders Closed

    My external harddrive is not showing folders I named it Roots but now it just appears as Local: E if I try to open it it says I have to format it ino...

    doktapyoka | Latest reply: Boogieman_WD Dec 12, 2014
    3 replies
  • particular folder is not opening in my external harddisk Closed

    Hello, I have 1 Tb segate External Hard Drive . it contains many folders all folders are open except one folder whenever i tried to open that fold...

    Dipu | Latest reply: R2D2_WD Dec 12, 2014
    1 reply
  • My external hard disk don't show up in "My Computer" Closed

    Hello, my external hard disk was working fine last day, when i connected it today it don't appear in my computer but in the Disk Management i can ...

    Errefae | Latest reply: Errefae Dec 11, 2014
    6 replies
  • Unable to determine volume. CHKDSK aborted Closed

    I have Portable HDD of 500GB, x: the problem is when I click on X: Drive its shows X:\ is not accessible The file or directory is corrupted or unr...

    loudan | Latest reply: R2D2_WD Dec 11, 2014
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  • My memory card can't be detected in camera and computer. Closed

    Please help me in the mentioned problem when i insert the card the icon appear but when i try to open it display message window can't access the drive...

    Rugema | Latest reply: Boogieman_WD Dec 11, 2014
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  • How to Lock A Hard Drive to prevent Theft Closed

    Respected Members! If any of you can help me, I will be thankful to U ... I am having problem. How to protect My documents (assignments, presentati...

    KainaatKafeel | Latest reply: K@!N@@T Dec 10, 2014
    6 replies

    i have problem, when i turn on my PC, No signal will appear in monitor, then i will remove the cable on video card, after that i will plug in the cabl...

    mizuken99 | Latest reply: mizuken99 Dec 10, 2014
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  • external hard disk Closed

    hi my dear i have problame .... my external hard disk isnot showing in my coputer anymore

    akramef05 | Latest reply: KY_WD Dec 9, 2014
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  • WDl 750GB External Hard Drive does not show up in Win Explorer Closed

    Hi there, I have an External Hard disk(WD Elements) P/N:WDBABV7500ABK-00 It stored some of my important projects since 2011. Recently it tend...

    Jellymetal | Latest reply: R2D2_WD Dec 9, 2014
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  • hard drive intermittently not detected Solved/Closed

    hey there... last night my nephew dropped my laptop(Acer Aspire S3-951) off the table and banged on it for reasons I don't know... then after that I c...

    SRC_S | Latest reply: SRC_S Dec 8, 2014
    9 replies
  • WD Passport Not Working Closed

    Hello, I can not open my WD passport on my laptop. It shows under the deveice manager that it is installed but it's not showing under MY Computer ...

    mzladyd | Latest reply: R2D2_WD Dec 8, 2014
    1 reply
  • USB Ghost. Not showing up anywhere Closed

    Hello, I'm having a problem with USB flash drives on my PC. When I stick it in the USB port, it makes that sound that tells you its connected, but it ...

    RunningAmok | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 5, 2014
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  • hdd not detected Closed

    my second hdd is not detected in bios....

    su99su | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 5, 2014
    3 replies
  • My western digital 1tb external hardisk is not showing up Closed

    i have connected my external hardisk but its not showing up in my computer even when the light is on in my external drive. i have used diskpart to lis...

    Tburn | Latest reply: KY_WD Dec 4, 2014
    2 replies
  • asus computer Closed

    Hello, our asus computer is not coming on properly, when we hit the power button it starts to kick in then we get a continuous beeping sound. ...

    gingaz | Latest reply: KY_WD Dec 4, 2014
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