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  • Laptop is not turning on(Lenovo) Closed

    I just put my laptop into sleep mode for like an hour and when I tried to turn it on later nothing happens. I have even tried to charge it and it does...

    Mark W | Laptop | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 5, 2016
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  • Keyboard keys not working Closed

    Some of the keys on the left side of the keyboard on my laptop are not working, i.e. s,z,q and maybe others. I had this problem the day before, but i...

    AislingRedmond | Laptop | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 5, 2016
    1 reply
  • built in mic is not working (Lenovo Y70 Touch) Closed

    Hi! I got my laptop last July and since then the Built in microphone has only worked a few times. The microphone is enabled in the recording device...

    ClamLyfe | Laptop | Latest reply: ClamLyfe Jan 5, 2016
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  • Compaq x1000 Closed

    hello my name is Steven, I have been given a Compaq x1000. it will power up and the power light, battery light & wifi light all light up. the cd st...

    pricest3 | Laptop | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 5, 2016
    5 replies
  • SD card refuses to work Solved/Closed

    Can anyone out there help me with this problem? I have a 2GB SD Card that doesn't work on any device and it nearly crashes my computer. Can you plea...

  • Laptop G580 not booting Closed

    am making a request that if at all there is some one who can help me to fix a Lenovo G580 laptop which packed after playing music, it all started when...

    p@tr3 | Laptop | Latest reply: KY_WD Jan 5, 2016
    1 reply
  • Disk full by error Closed

    Hello: Not sure where to begin. I completely filled up my C drive which is 111 gb's with steam and it's corresponding games. In an effort to free...

    BoomyFizzle | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: KY_WD Jan 5, 2016
    1 reply
  • keyboard has just stopped working Closed

    Hi i do not know a lot about computers and keyboards i got a 7 inch black android 4.1 netbook/notebook and for some reason the keyboard has just stopp...

    Helensymes20 | Laptop | Latest reply: Helensymes20 Jan 5, 2016
    2 replies
  • DELL Laptop showing black screen Closed

    I have dell studio 1555 modal laptop. Last few months i am facing below issue. When i switch on Laptop, i am getting black screen but laptop is wo...

    vigilrex | Laptop | Latest reply: gueyebamba2 Jan 5, 2016
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  • cant open the external hard disc Closed

    Hello, i have a seagate external hard disc with very important folders. as i connected it to the laptop, it keeps saying format the disc and i canno...

  • Laptop displays black screen Closed

    Why my laptop displays black screen all the time ? how can I fix this ?

    engkeith | Laptop | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 5, 2016
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  • keys not working properly Closed

    some keys of my laptop isn't working at all what is the reason

    suman99 | Keyboard | Latest reply: suman99 Jan 5, 2016
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  • Black screen with 8 beeps Closed

    I have dell inspiron N5010 and facing a problem.When i turn on the laptop the screen come black with 8 beeps and just stay like that.Any solution for ...

    Mahesh25 | Laptop | Latest reply: Mahesh25 Jan 5, 2016
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  • a printer's ink pad is at the end l220 Closed

    Hello, a ink pad is at the end L 220 alredy reset L 210 BUT THIS IS L 220

  • laptop esc key and ctrl key button won't function Closed

    My laptop esc key and ctrl key button wont function..any suggestions sir..

    garrybulauitan | Laptop | Latest reply: ramamoorth1 Jan 4, 2016
    1 reply
  • Seagate External Hard Drive isn't doing a thing. Closed

    Hi, I own a Seagate external hard drive which has worked for many, many years. In recent months though, when I try to plug it into the usb it shows u...

  • write protection on Sd card Closed

    how to remove the write protection on SD card or flash drive?

  • help, boot on delay problem Closed

    wen i turn on the power botton of my of my computer, it displays with a white screan and delays for about 30 minutes before it starts functioning. wha...

    shunpeters | BIOS | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 4, 2016
    1 reply
  • File Not Found for Encrypted File. Closed

    Hi, I Had a External Seagate 1 Tb hard disk, in which i had a 450GB encrypted data using folder locker 7, yesterday, i sees that there is no folder of...

    nishank9522 | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 4, 2016
    2 replies
  • WD elements external HD not responding Closed

    I discovered my HD (WD elements 1tb external) in my bag and its lid was a bit open I pressed it back in place and connected it to the laptop The li...

    Deepshe | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: R2D2_WD Jan 4, 2016
    1 reply
  • CD-DVD drive get detected but DVD didn't get read Closed

    Hello, My laptop is asus and recently i can't able to read/write any of the cd-dvd disk in my laptop. I didn't use the drive for some months, so i ...

    Computertech | Laptop | Latest reply: Computertech Jan 3, 2016
    4 replies
  • DELL 15 Inspiron will not boot from hard drive Closed

    Laptop will not boot from hard drive when it does boot it says hard drive corrupt you can rebuild the MBRDRIVE BUT NOT THE DRIVES ? No files found. Ca...

    RGB | Laptop | Latest reply: RGB Jan 3, 2016
    2 replies
  • volume does not contain a recognized file system Closed

    I lost my USB files and tried to recover it using the ATTRIB -S -H*.*/S/D I got this reply. "The volume does not contain a recognized file system. ...

  • screen remains black Closed

    Hey, yesterday we've been playing some Counter-Strike as per usual. We stopped at 3AM, I've turn off the computer and went to sleep. Just to remind, ...

    Matezz | Monitor | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 3, 2016
    1 reply
  • Audio problem Closed

    Um......I mistakenly deleted my laptop audio by mistake and I noticed that I did later on. So, I tried downloading the audio that was initially on my ...

    kanmunachimku | Laptop | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 3, 2016
    1 reply
  • My Lenovo G40-30 won't turn on. Closed

    I've tried all the methods but nothing is happening,could it be a motherboard problem or what?please help There's no battery light nor charger ligh...

    KomaKatMo | Laptop | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 3, 2016
    1 reply
  • my sony vio laptop 0 key working as dot symbol plz help me Closed

    Hi iiii plz help me my Sony vio laptop' 0 ' key working as dot symbol plz help me.

    soumya1 | Keyboard | Latest reply: soumya1 Jan 3, 2016
    2 replies
  • Computer starts, but won't boot Closed

    Can someone please help? I have made myself my very own pc lately, but i have got a problem with it. The computer starts when i press the power butt...

    Mikk480b | Hardware | Latest reply: gueyebamba2 Jan 3, 2016
    6 replies
  • format write protected pendrive Closed

    My device is write protected. I want to format write protected. Please tell me how to do this?

  • files are hidden? Windows 10 cant read my files? Closed

    Hi I updated to windows 10 about a month a go and its all been fine. I did a clean install of the C: drive and left the my other one alone, its my mai...

    Bushwalker | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: gueyebamba2 Jan 3, 2016
    1 reply
  • only fan works after installing new motherboards on my laptop Closed

    Hello, I have Toshiba Satellite A505-S6014 PSAT6U-00J001 laptop, recently Ive changed the motherboards. after i did that; no screen display, also th...

    ep2789ccm | Motherboard | Latest reply: ep2789ccm Jan 2, 2016
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  • cpu is broken Closed

    I got amd fx 6300 cpu first day my pc shuts down from overheating after that i both new cpu cooler tried to play game. Game worked normally with lag f...

    zudikas12 | CPU/Desktop | Latest reply: zudikas12 Jan 2, 2016
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  • Ctrl and 0ne shift button not working in DELL N5110 Closed

    Hello adibah! I upgraded my Dell N5110 with windows 10. Installation was clean. Everything is working fine expect My control keys(Both) and one SHIFT...

    fastlearner | Keyboard | Latest reply: fastlearner Jan 2, 2016
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  • Facing issue in using sony vaio's keypad Closed

    I'm using Sony vaio's 14inches LCD laptop, it has a small keyboard (which does not have a separate numeric keypad that is usually there on the right s...

    Priyaveerban | Laptop | Latest reply: Priyaveerban Jan 2, 2016
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  • laptop connected to a tv through HDMI wont play audio Closed

    I connected my ASUS laptop to my sylvania tv through an HDMI port and it shows visuals but it wont play audio through tv. I have tried volume mixer an...

    meemaleema | Laptop | Latest reply: meemaleema Jan 2, 2016
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  • Can't boot from CD to upgrade windows but it will play music cds Closed

    I have a Acer Aspire 5000 laptop and I can't upgrade from Win XP to Win 7. When I try I the cd light is on and I can hear the cd making noise like it ...

    BKH1505 | Hardware | Latest reply: gueyebamba2 Jan 1, 2016
    1 reply
  • Gateway nv57h77u DVD drive failure Closed

    Hi I have a gateway nv57h77u on Windows 10 but my issue is the disc drive has stoped working all of a sudden one day,after we finished watching one mo...

    Wannacmyballs | Laptop | Latest reply: Wannacmyballs Jan 1, 2016
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  • USB hard disk Closed

    Hello, One day I used my USB hard disk on MAC PC and I backup the hard disk. Then my hard disk does not work on Windows PC.

    Shosh90 | Hardware | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 1, 2016
    1 reply
  • Restoration fail Closed

    So, I tried to reset my laptop using the windows recovery partition which worked fine but when it did the automatic restart it got stuck at this scree...

    ThatOneGuy | Laptop | Latest reply: ThatOneGuy Jan 1, 2016
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  • samsung g3 station would not autostart Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have the same problem. Mine is even worse because I have my backup files on it. It worked for sometime and stopped. It started flashing o...

    moyam | Hardware | Latest reply: Gavinson Jan 1, 2016
    15 replies
  • laptop Asus X455LA's audio sometimes doesn't work Closed

    Hello, may I ask for help. My laptop Asus X455LA's audio sometimes doesn't work. Is their any problem with the software or anything? BTW I always r...

    jajaledesma | Laptop | Latest reply: jajaledesma Jan 1, 2016
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  • HP Envy won't start "Boot Device not found...." Closed

    Hi, can anyone out there help, please? I have an HP Envy Touchsmart 15 Notebook, which my two teenage children use, primarily for games, YouTube etc. ...

    MarcusLondon | BIOS | Latest reply: BrianGreen Jan 1, 2016
    5 replies
  • HDD on SATA 2 undetected by OS Solved/Closed

    Hello, I bought a new 1Tb HDD and the BIOS detects it, but the computer management doesn't scan it. I've tried different SATA port and wire, nothi...

    Guillaume | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: Guillaume Jan 1, 2016
    2 replies
  • Black Screen Display Closed

    My Toshiba Satellite M840 went black screen when playing game and charging I can hear the sound but i cant move my character or do anything But if i...

    fld17 | Hardware | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 1, 2016
    3 replies
  • Getting Buzz noise Closed

    Hello, I am using ASUS lap top while i am watching a song in You tube in intermediate buzz sound started i want to what happend...now if i am pl...

    Jushkumar | Laptop | Latest reply: Jushkumar Jan 1, 2016
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  • doesn't open folders at 1st double click Closed

    hi all... im using dell inspiron 15 3000 series laptop...then i replased iit's motherboard becouse of an electric issue..after replasement my lapto...

    shan | Laptop | Latest reply: shan Jan 1, 2016
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  • Computer reboot & gets hot Closed

    Hello, I am Sugarglyder, so glad to have found CCM. I have a XPS Laptop. ( https://prnt.sc/991le9 ) When the laptop is left on all night the sc...

    sugarglyder | Hardware | Latest reply: Sugarglyder Jan 1, 2016
    3 replies
  • Computer won't fully power up Closed

    Hello, My computer when I try to power it up will start.. however it will make the loud start noise it usally does than sounds like it's quiting, ...

    Lonewolf15sd | Hardware | Latest reply: Lonewolf15sd Dec 31, 2015
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  • USB charger made my laptop turn off and it won't turn back Closed

    Hello, I pluged a USB charger in my laptop, it it wasn't recognized and when I unplugged the USB my laptop immediately turned off and won't power ba...

    Touch | Laptop | Latest reply: Touch Dec 31, 2015
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  • HP laptop won't turn on. Closed

    I plugged a usb charger into my laptop, it didn't recognize it, when I unplugged it, the laptop shut off immediately and now it won't turn on. Can any...

    Mr. Touch | Laptop | Latest reply: Mr. Touch Dec 31, 2015
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