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Acer Aspire One - - Fn key not working

The Fn key in computers allows for additional functionalities in combination with other keys such as increasing or decreasing the brightness of the screen, changing the volume of the speakers or office software shortcuts. The Fn key in Acer computers can be used with the up-down and left-right arrows keys for various functions. If you find that the combination works but the Fn key does not work with another, the issue may be due to a corrupted configuration. The Fn key configuration for Acer computers can be accessed with the msconfig command. The Acer launch Manager must be enabled in case the Fn key does not work.


I own an Acer Aspire One, and yesterday my Fn key stopped working when I tried to increase or decrease the volume (Fn+Up Arrow / Fn+Down Arrow) but it still worked when I adjusted the brightness (Fn+ Right or Left Arrow). Any solutions?


  • Click on Start > Run > type "msconfig"
  • Select the Startup tab
  • Look for the following entry and make sure that it is checked:

"Acer Launch Manager"

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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