Making an open/close brace on a MAC Keyboard

April 2018

Apple's premium range of computers based on the MAC OS do not have any key for making an open/close brace. Generally on the keyboard, this open/close brace, also called the Left Curly Brace and the Right Curly Brace, is present. This brace which is denoted by { } is absent on a MAC keyboard. This absence of the character may cause inconvenience for its users. This can however be dealt with - the open/close brace can be entered through a combination of keyboard keys on a MAC.

There is no key for open or closed braces { } on certain Mac keyboards. However, it is possible to enter these characters using the following combinations:
  • For { use the following combination:
    • Alt + (
  • For } use the following combination:
    • Alt +)
  • Note:
    • Open brace is also known as Left Curly Brace
    • Close brace is also known as Right Curly Brace

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