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Acer Keyboard Language problem

Acer laptop keyboard is available in various keyboard layouts to support several languages such as English, French and many more. The Acer keyboard language problem may occur if it is not configured for the required language and it may show a strange character or symbol for a different language when a key is pressed. For example, the question mark key may show a French language symbol instead of the expected question mark if it is configured for French language layout instead of the English - International keyboard layout. The Acer keyboard language problem will not occur if the settings in the laptop computer for the keyboard layout are made for the correct language.

Acer Keyboard Language problem


I'm having a problem with my Acer laptop keyboard. When I'm on Word or OneNote and I try to use the question mark key, et cetera it shows me a French symbol/letter. I know that you can change it to a French keyboard (in Canada) and the symbols are written on the keys (in green) but I don't know how to change it back???


Please do the following steps to resolve this issue:
  • Click on Start > RUN
  • Type intl.cpl in the Run box, and then press ENTER
  • On the Languages tab
  • Click the Details button
  • In the Settings tab, under the Installed services section, click the Add button
  • In the Input language list, click the language that you want; English (United States) [or English (Canada)]
  • In the Keyboard layout/IME list, click United States-International, and then click OK
  • In the Settings tab, under the Default input language section, change the language to English (United States) - United States-International [or English (Canada) - United States-International]
  • Click the Apply button and then the OK button
  • In the Regional and Language Options dialog box, click the OK button to close the dialog box
  • Notice that the Language bar appears on the taskbar. When you position the mouse pointer over it, a ToolTip appears that describes the active keyboard layout; English (United States) appears [or English (Canada)]
  • And don't forget to toggle the settings on your task bar on your bottom right of the screen


Solved by Mikeyb

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