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Friday July 25, 2008
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July 25, 2008

My keyboard has completely stopped working. I have shut down my computer and switched around the wires. I am now stuck typing with this online keyboard.The mouse still works but the keyboard is not working. Please help me!


System Configuration: Windows XP Firefox
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Thank you
I know why it's like that there are many possible reasons:
  • 1st: Your plug are too shabby or if it's a wireless keyboard, batteries are down.
  • 2nd: Try go go to Start menu / Control Panel / Ease of Access / Keyboard and uncheck all that is checked, then restart.
  • 3rd: Try using a (USB) keyboard if you can't afford it, when you start your computer press all the keys on the keyboard but make sure you press the following first: Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock then try to press as much as possible until the Welcome screen pops up.
  • 4th: If nothing works, you can still use the Visual keyboard (virtual keyboard or OSK / On Screen Keyboard) : Start button / All Programs / Accessories / Ease of Access / On-Screen Keyboard.

Hope it helps!

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Thank you ....the batteries were down....
option 2 was the problem.. thanks
thank you thank you thank you thank you
Thank you, Laurence! my keyboard started working again :)
Where is the num lock key?
Thank you
And wait!!!

Make sure after you on your computer do not pluck off the wires it will cause more problems if you do please restart ur com as soon as possible.
OMG, i'm trying to fix my laptop. I can't unplug the keyboard...write back ASAP!!!!
> Clueless -
try pressing the shift key 5 times until the pop menu appears
you peeps rock I am a teacher and our laptops were not typing. it was sticky keys thank you
Thank you
Go and right click on my computer and go to device manager and then see if there is anything that looks funky. it could be a driver problem for your usb (if that is the type of keyboard you are using) does any other device work on that port you are using? Could be a bad port, but I really doubt it