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  • Automatically shut down Closed

    Hello, Automatically shut down when i m trying to on my system.after displying intel dual core...(processor/mother boarrd).And if try 2 enter bi...

    vishnu | Hardware | Latest reply: jack4rall Jul 14, 2012
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  • My 4gb memory was not working Closed

    Hello, pls help me Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 14.0

    Mohan | Hardware | Latest reply: pcsces Jul 14, 2012
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  • Mouse auto Clicks after startup Closed

    Hello, I have an annoying bug that I can't figured out how to fix. Could someone please help me? When I start my computer from being off or wh...

    Charlie | Hardware | Latest reply: gunanime Jul 14, 2012
    2 replies
  • Restore Toshiba Satellite Closed

    Hello, I have a toshiba satellite and I have tried pressing and holding down (0) but all i get is a black screen the warning page is not coming up a...

    shan | Hardware | Latest reply: shan Jul 14, 2012
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  • lost my mother board cd Closed

    Hello, plz call me i lost my mother board cd Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 13.0.1

    pankaj | Hardware | Latest reply: Ambucias Jul 13, 2012
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  • Logitech webcam V-UH9 driver Closed

    please help me with an installation file for logitech web cam m\n V-UH9. i lost my cd. so please help me with this...1 can I install dis in window...

    Deep | Webcam | Latest reply: jack4rall Jul 13, 2012
    3 replies
  • sound problem Closed

    Hello, ive reformat my nec laptop but the sounds was gone even the volume toolbar was none to and my audio in control panel was not activateting ...

    honeypie1214 | Hardware | Latest reply: jack4rall Jul 13, 2012
    1 reply
  • my laptop doesnt read brenned/copy cd or dvd Closed

    Hello, i have windows xp/eplorer 8, dvd drive does not read brenned or copy cd/dvd. i bought a 2nd hand dvd drive but still the same. it reads o...

    offenbacher | Laptop | Latest reply: offenbacher Jul 13, 2012
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  • HP black screen Closed

    Hello, just wondering if any one can help me i have a HP laptop and everytime i turn it on all he lights go on the keybored and there is sound but sti...

    awesome | Monitor | Latest reply: awesome Jul 13, 2012
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  • HP pendrive insert disk error Closed

    Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 535.11 i purchased my HP pendrive in november 2011,but now not working..insert disk error is comi...

  • Code 43 sir in sony mp4 player XD Closed

    Hello, Open 'Control Panel' --> Open 'System and Maintenance' Scroll down. --> Find and Open 'Device Manager' --> Find "Portable Dev...

    Wolx | Hardware | Latest reply: Wolx Jul 12, 2012
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  • My windows doesn't start automatically Closed

    Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0 My windows doesn't start automatically and always I am asked to press F1 for it or p...

    zkf | Hardware | Latest reply: shmuel Jul 12, 2012
    1 reply
  • toshiba satellite problems Closed

    Hello, I need some advice on what could be one of the most irritating problem on earth. I have a Toshiba Satellite l305d-s5923 and when I turn it ...

    jay | Hardware | Latest reply: Ambucias Jul 12, 2012
    1 reply
  • white screen of death, ipod touch 8gb Closed

    Hello, okk well i was on my ipod touch 8gb and i was cropping pictures that i had took on my ipod, and it suddenly went white and i tried almost ever...

    soph | Monitor | Latest reply: pcsces Jul 12, 2012
    1 reply
  • Monitor doesnt show anything Solved/Closed

    Hello, I had to build a new computer, the problem is that the memory ram was not good soo i wasnt able to install windows soo i ve set the memory ...

    MadGuyFrustr... | Hardware | Latest reply: MadGuyFrustrated Jul 12, 2012
    4 replies
  • Acer X230H Monitor/ Green Tinting Closed

    I have a Acer X230H Monitor. After a Windows 7 update (for the monitor specifically), it began displaying a green tint. It was most prominent in previ...

    X | Hardware | Latest reply: pcsces Jul 12, 2012
    1 reply
  • How to remove write protection on pendrive Closed

    Hello, I am Me Me Win from Asian Wings Airways Ltd. I want to ask a question. I bought a hp stick from plaza. Not from a computer service center. B...

  • windows was unable to complete the format Closed

    Hello, I bought a pendrive of 16 GB but it asked to format.then it shows that windows was unable to complete the format.pls help me how i can u...

    smita | Hardware | Latest reply: smita Jul 12, 2012
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  • toshiba satellite C665 Repair mode Closed

    Hi can someone please help me! I have a toshiba satellite C665 and I turned it on last night only for it to go to a start up screen that gives me an o...

    Sus | Hardware | Latest reply: Sus Jul 11, 2012
    2 replies
  • Laptop automatically shut down Closed

    Hello,I have a laptop.Compaq Presario V3000 (AMD Turion X2). One day...while using my laptop,it automatically shut down. This thing happened twice...I...

    Cat Pandai S... | Laptop | Latest reply: hans Jul 11, 2012
    3 replies
  • kingston 32 gb Closed

    Hello, i have kingston 32 gb pen drive, today i tried to copy some data, it has copied but when i removed the pen drive and again connected all ...

    Abhi | Hardware | Latest reply: pcsces Jul 11, 2012
    1 reply
  • computer signal and hard drive problem Closed

    Hello, I'm have trouble with my PC it's a Compaq Presario SR5250NX and the problem is that it doesn't boot properly although it powers on but the hard...

    nowantny | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: nowantny Jul 11, 2012
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  • My brothers hp laptops sound is messed up... Closed

    Hello, So, my brother has an HP. Not sure which one, but the sound is wierd on it. It works perfectly for games and music. The issue is, when we g...

    CJ | Laptop | Latest reply: pcsces Jul 11, 2012
    1 reply
  • I can't find my disc drives any where. Closed

    Hello, I've got a desk top mutt of a computer that I built in school. Everything was working fine until recently, but now my drives won't show up an...

    TiredOleMan | Hardware | Latest reply: TiredOleMan Jul 11, 2012
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  • <urgent> it is not working pls people help me Closed


    HELP MEE | Hardware | Latest reply: HELP MEE Jul 11, 2012
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  • the ? key on plug in mac keyboard not working Closed

    Hello, the ? key on my plug in mac keyboard is not working after i cleaned the keyboard. it doesn't appear to be dirty. tried compressed air but ...

    r-j | Keyboard | Latest reply: r-j Jul 11, 2012
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  • Locked USB, Plz Help!!! Closed

    So my issue is that I purchased a usb which can be password protected. I use this flash drive for personal files such as homework, office work, and mo...

    Jovana U | Hardware | Latest reply: belasswan Jul 11, 2012
    1 reply
  • black screen Closed

    Hello, my laptop is not displaying but d hard drive indicator is blinking with an orange light,my CD ROM is blinking with a green light and the hard-d...

    tara | Monitor | Latest reply: tara Jul 11, 2012
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  • how do i restor my toshiba nb205-n311 to fact Closed

    Hello, I have a Toshiba nb205-n311 and I shut it off now when i turn it on the screan stays black I can here it running but won't boot up was wond...

    pink girl | Hardware | Latest reply: pink girl Jul 10, 2012
    2 replies
  • Pc to tv Closed

    Hello, Im trying to connect my pc(windows xp) to my 52" LCD using a VGA cable but the tv doesn't recognize the pc and it tels me that the source is ...

    Cioky | Hardware | Latest reply: Cioky Jul 10, 2012
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  • How to restore a Toshiba Satellite to factory Closed

    Hello, I need to restore my Toshiba Satellite L305D back to factory settings, except it doesn't ever take me to the log in screen, I turn it on and i...

    Katie | Hardware | Latest reply: Katie Jul 10, 2012
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  • samsung camera nv8 Closed

    Hello, I have a samsung camera nv8 , in video mode (recording) I noted while focussing sound disappears , when playing back the recorded video the...

    Bakhtiar | Hardware | Latest reply: Bakhtiar Jul 10, 2012
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  • toshiba laptop won't boot up Closed

    Hello, When I turn it on, it shows the toshiba logo, then screen immediately turns black and there is a blue box in center of screen asking for a...

    BlueEyes77 | Laptop | Latest reply: BlueEyes77 Jul 9, 2012
    5 replies
  • UPS Problem! Weird thing !! Closed

    Hello, The electricity in my country have a problems. So i have buy a UPS 500VA. The problem is when i connect it to PC every time the electric...

    mohmih | Hardware | Latest reply: mohmih Jul 9, 2012
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  • asus laptop x58l series Closed

    please help laptop does not come on but when u put charger in all lights flash ie battery the zzz an wireless an the power on button flash an the scre...

    ikkle | Laptop | Latest reply: ikkle Jul 9, 2012
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  • sound hp g60 Closed

    Hello, everything setting in my laptop seems to be working well but i can't here any sound the problem start after i have use headphone and afterw...

    toure | Hardware | Latest reply: toure Jul 9, 2012
    4 replies
  • Connection problem w/ Kingston Data Traveler Closed

    Hello, My memory stick dosn,t appear on the desktop when connected even when queried I get a return of "This device is working ...

    Herby | Hardware | Latest reply: Ambucias Jul 9, 2012
    1 reply
  • Help! WinXp does not see internal sata drive Closed

    Hello, i installed an internal sata drive which is seen by the BIOS and various programs, BUT WinXP Pro does not recognise it, so it does not appe...

    funjunkie | Hardware | Latest reply: xpcman Jul 9, 2012
    1 reply
  • sound problems Closed

    Hello, few days ago i had format my "acer aspire 5920" laptop. then installed "XP sp2" & updated it to "SP3". after which i can not surf any ...

    amit | Hardware | Latest reply: xpcman Jul 9, 2012
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  • how to install output audio devices on laptop Closed

    Hello, Please help me to install the audio output devices

    Mhedz | Laptop | Latest reply: xpcman Jul 9, 2012
    3 replies
  • My keyboard is typing two letters at a time Closed

    Hello, My keyboard is typing two letters at a time e.g when i am trying to type letter "t" it types "rt" at a time . its happening with some lette...

    Gaurav Agnih... | Keyboard | Latest reply: xpcman Jul 9, 2012
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  • keyboard and mouse locked Closed

    Hello, I have an older dell inspiron b130, somehow my laptop keyboard and touchpad mouse got locked or that appears to be the issue. How can I unloc...

    sam | Keyboard | Latest reply: sam Jul 9, 2012
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  • acer keys stops working .. Closed

    Hello, i'm james .. how to solve my problem regarding to the keyboard of my acer laptop .. all keys not functioned except the ctrl.. key .. please hel...

    jbjuventud | Hardware | Latest reply: jbjuventud Jul 9, 2012
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  • pendrive is not detected in my computer Closed

    Hello, my pen drive is not detecting in my computer it has been short so please tell me how can i recover my data from it Configuration: ...

  • problem in starting laptop Closed

    Hello, i am facing a problem at my asus k40ij. From the beginning if i just press the power button then my laptop usually starts. but now i have to pr...

    saikat | Laptop | Latest reply: saikat Jul 8, 2012
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  • My desktop won't start Closed

    Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 531 that shut down after updating. When I pushed the start button, the light lit and the hard drive spun momentarilly, a...

    Bill | Hardware | Latest reply: jack4rall Jul 8, 2012
    1 reply
  • pen drive issue Closed

    Hello, HI, when ever i insert my pendrive to the computer it shows removable disk in my computer ..but I'm unable to open it plz help Configur...

  • Screen scrambling Closed

    Hello, i have dell n5010 i have install windows 7 32 bit .when i pludge the HDMI port my laptop screen truns to black and it scrambling .so i will ...

    Ahmad | Monitor | Latest reply: Ahmad Jul 8, 2012
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  • Arrow keys not working properly. Closed

    Hello, I have Dell inspiron notebook of series 1545. Few days before only i format my OS drive and reinstall Windows 7. From last 2 days my arrow ...

    Prak | Hardware | Latest reply: Prak Jul 7, 2012
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  • how to format 500gb external HDD Closed

    Hello, Hi, how to format my 500gb external HDD.also at the same time i need the data in the harddrive....plz help me Configuration: Windows XP ...