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  • Continual loop when Booting, can't get to Desktop, Windows 10. N Closed

    Continual loop when Booting, can't get to Desktop, Windows 10.

    homer347 | Latest reply: ac3mark Jan 21, 2016
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  • laptop not charging Closed

    when i plug in my laptop charger , the charger light blinks and my laptop does not charge. my laptop is not turning on. please help ......!!!!!!

    sourabh | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 21, 2016
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  • How to start laptop again BSOD Closed

    Hello After restarting my laptop I was changing the settings and then it shut downed suddenly when I plug in the charger into the laptop a blue sc...

    Masuda | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 21, 2016
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  • Dell laptop fault Closed

    Hello, My dell laptop will not start up. When I switch it on nothing happens then it starts beeping but the screen stays blank Configuration: i...

    Stef | Latest reply: Stef Jan 21, 2016
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  • Toshiba Satellite laptop Unresponsive Screen. Closed

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop, there's a rectangle power button that i held down for about 5 seconds, it powered it off. But not complete...

    W0ah_haley | Latest reply: slicedash Jan 21, 2016
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  • Asus Black Screen Solution Solved/Closed

    Hi Guys, i have found the solution of black screen for ASUS LAPTOP'S. before you apply this tricks you must be some activity like that. 1. Resta...

    M.Furqan | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 21, 2016
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  • black screen of death Closed


    derpmanrules | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 21, 2016
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  • Gateway can't get the recovering options to come up. Closed

    I have aNE56R41U. Everytime I turn it on, and enter my password, it goes to the home screen, which just flashes off and on. I have turned it off and ...

    Gregorydi | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 21, 2016
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    jaysob | Latest reply: jaysob Jan 21, 2016
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  • Laptop keys jammed Closed

    Can anyone suggest how I go about unjamming three keys on my laptop keyboard? They are the r y and u - all other keys seem to be working ok. Unfortuna...

    Billysmum | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 20, 2016
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  • f1 button not working start up Closed

    hi everyone i have a dell laptop that keeps asking me to press f1 button to start up problem is my f1 button is not working can some one help me

    lat33fa | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 20, 2016
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  • Wifi catcher connection Closed

    Hello, wifi is not getting connected on my laptop. I got an error message wifi catcher band configuration is not compatible with WLAN card ban...

    Selah7 | Latest reply: Selah7 Jan 20, 2016
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  • Laptop wont boot-up Closed

    Hello, Hi, my acer Travel-mate/P wont boot-up. the red-light which indicates charging is on. i tried holding the power button for one minute but the...

    nthekgeng | Latest reply: nthekgeng Jan 20, 2016
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  • acer Travel-mate/P wont boot-up Closed

    Hi, my acer Travel-mate/P wont boot-up. the red-light is on though

    nthekgeng | Latest reply: DavidPreston Jan 20, 2016
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  • I can't open my yahoo mail account was loaked Closed

    I can't open my yahoo account it was locked, and I changed my new contact number

    yruth | Latest reply: yruth Jan 20, 2016
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  • Utility setup problem for laptop Closed gateway laptop asking to press F2 Then showing the InsydeH20 Setup Utility. What to do next kindly help mi..

    Kapadesnehal | Latest reply: Kapadesnehal Jan 19, 2016
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  • install audio output device Closed

    Hello, How could i install audio output device I have no sound after scaning my laptop it say no audio output device onstalled Configuration: W...

    mark425 | Latest reply: Kelvinbless Jan 19, 2016
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  • my sd card not detected by my laptop Closed

    Hello, i had a mini sd card and a micro sd card used in mobile phone. used to be working fine to transfer musics and pictures to the laptop. after...

    mastura | Latest reply: bernalrichard Jan 19, 2016
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  • how to upgrade graphic device Closed

    how to upgrade graphic device as i want to install bluestacks

    chimulker | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 19, 2016
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  • dell inspirion black screen Closed

    Hello, After I sign in it just goes black w curser . No windows logo I tries F8 dI'd not work Help Joanne Configuration: iPhone / Chro...

    joanne | Latest reply: joanne Jan 18, 2016
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  • showing black screen Closed

    Hello, i log out my laptop as usual . switched the laptop on the next day but the screen would not work also the drive light is not on / flashing...

    deepak | Latest reply: deepak Jan 17, 2016
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  • blank display Closed

    Hello, my name's Daniel, and am using a hp laptop (model hp625). my issue is basically a blank screen display after system is turned on. the system ...

    leinad | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 17, 2016
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  • Recover computer when battery discharged Closed

    I stored away my Sony Vaio Y series laptop for many months and now the battery is dead and I cannot fire up the computer even when plugged into the ma...

    silly mum | Latest reply: silly mum Jan 16, 2016
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  • Toshiba Laptop make beep beep sound Solved/Closed

    Hello,there is my Laptop.Its name Toshiba. Some times when I start its,it make beep beep sound conyinually.Some times it make just 3 beep sound. And...

    Yeass | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 16, 2016
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  • No sound from External speakers in Asus s45c ultrabook Closed

    Dear Sirs I have connected acer external speakers with acer subwoofer to my Asus s45c ultrabook. Though laptop speakers work well, no sound from ex...

    tlb1942 | Latest reply: tlb1942 Jan 16, 2016
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  • Dell computer is stuck Closed

    Hello, My dell computer is stuck and i can't press the close button. I did it for 10 sec but nothing happened. Help me, please. Now it is stuck in a...

    Johan | Latest reply: Johan Jan 16, 2016
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  • CD-R DVD drive Closed

    Hello, Hi.. my laptop dvd drive was damaged. And i want format my laptop. Please help me how will i format my laptop. Can i use Pendrive instead o...

    Atish | Latest reply: Atish Jan 16, 2016
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  • Won't turn on? Closed

    Hi, I'm writing this on my old IPad 1 but my problem is with my Acer Inspire. This problem began 2 days ago and I am totally frustrated becaus...

    Boydbrain | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 15, 2016
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  • Black screen Closed

    My Acer Inspire screen remains black, it won't turn on.

    Boydbrain | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 15, 2016
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  • Display not working Closed

    Hello, my hp laptop was working fine till yesterday but today when i switched on, the laptop started but screen remained blank, and light on cap...

    Aj | Latest reply: ac3mark Jan 15, 2016
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  • automatically charge is down after turnoff the laptop. Closed

    Hi. my laptop is Dell brand and since 2 months it has a problem that my laptop charge is automatically gone after shutdown. when my laptop is full c...

    iamniraj | Latest reply: nowin122 Jan 15, 2016
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  • Apple not starting Closed

    I have an apple laptop but when i start it i only see a question mark (?) and it stops there.

    askjallow | Latest reply: ac3mark Jan 15, 2016
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  • Failed to turn on Closed

    Hello, my acer laptop turn off while charging and never works I tried to on it and it never turn on any help pls........ Configuration: / Oper...

    Bgm | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 15, 2016
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  • Aspire one 725 wont go to main screen Closed

    Hello, i have a aspire one 725 it loads for alittle bit and it shows message your pc ran into a problem please wait while we collect info, then it s...

    Kris | Latest reply: KY_WD Jan 14, 2016
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  • My laptop won't boot Closed

    Hello, my name is oliver. i shutdown my laptop properly last night, but this morning it will not not boot again. when i press the power botton, the p...

    oliver | Latest reply: R2D2_WD Jan 14, 2016
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  • sony vaio problem Closed

    i have a Sony vaio model Sve14ag13L itdoesnt start a blu secreen comes saying a nerror code 0xc0000225 also says use recovery toolc or contact pc su...

    Nickname...c... | Latest reply: ac3mark Jan 13, 2016
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  • Laptop won't boot Solved/Closed

    I have a 1.5 year old Lenovo b50 touch and it won't boot up. I was using it when it just shut off, tried to power it back on and nothing. Tried unplug...

    Mcps | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 13, 2016
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  • laptop restart by itself Closed

    Hello, i have a problem with my Satelite L735. my lepi is restart by itself, when i acses windows normaly. but i tryed to safe mode, its fine.. how i...

    Uyo | Latest reply: ctree42 Jan 13, 2016
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  • Every time laptop updates touchpad stops working Closed

    Hello, Every time my laptop updates my touchpad stops working and I have to Uninstall it and reboot the computer. I need a permanent solution. I...

    Hsleslie | Latest reply: Hsleslie Jan 13, 2016
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  • Asus U36JC laptop suddenly cannot be powered on Closed

    Hello, i have a Asus U36JC laptop suddenly cannot be power on when i woke up this morning. When i press the power on button, the power light at th...

    Bappi | Latest reply: Bappi Jan 13, 2016
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  • Synaptics Touchpad Driver not working Closed

    Hello, So I have had a couple of issues with my touch pad over the last couple of months, where it would stop working. All I had to do was either ...

    Jessy | Latest reply: Jessy Jan 13, 2016
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  • UIOJKL & M is type 4561230 no numlock Closed

    Hello, I have samsung n148 plus laptop twhen i type UIOJKL & M it type 4561230. I don't have number lock in my laptop. Please help me. Sanjay

    Sanjay | Latest reply: ac3mark Jan 12, 2016
    1 reply
  • Function Keys aren't working on ASUS laptop.. Closed

    Hello, I am working in a special software and my function keys are not working. I tried repairing in the ATK thing but that didn't work. Anyone ha...

    Heather | Latest reply: Heather Jan 12, 2016
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  • Lenovo laptop screen goes black when plugged in Closed

    Hello, Laptop screen goes black when plugged in. I have to restart the computer when it goes black, with the charger still in, and when it starts ...

    hannah3011 | Latest reply: hannah3011 Jan 12, 2016
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  • Dell keeps rebooting Closed

    Hello, My Dell Inspiron 15" has started to reboot on the middle of operations. With no prompt or hitting any keys it will just go black and resta...

    LenS | Latest reply: KY_WD Jan 12, 2016
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  • Hp screen remains black after opening Closed

    My Hp pavilion dv6 lights are on fun working produce sounds bt screen remains black,It switched off normally bt screen remained black after putting on...

    otokoma | Latest reply: KY_WD Jan 12, 2016
    1 reply
  • Display issue in Pavilion dv3000 Closed

    Hello, Display is repeated again. one time Computer mechanic check it and solved this issue. But now this issue occur. According to him, there is ...

    Kabir | Latest reply: KY_WD Jan 12, 2016
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  • Sony viao VPCEB36GM factory reset Closed

    Hi guys, I want to reset my Sony Viao PCG71318L,VPCEB36GM and i have no idea's how.... I tried diffirent things: Pressing the Assist but...

    Hello<3 | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 11, 2016
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  • connecting projector to laptop Solved/Closed

    Hello, I'm using a VGA cable out from my laptop (Averatec 2004 using Windows xp) and in to a Sharp xg e1000u projector - RGB 2 input. No image. ...

    jon | Latest reply: Shawm Jan 11, 2016
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  • hp laptop. Screen stays black cursor is on the screen Closed

    Hello. Hy hp laptop Screen is black with the cursor. On i am running Windows 10 though. Can i fixit w the. Same link as win 7?;;

    Paigej5 | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 11, 2016
    1 reply