Internet Explorer 11 has all the features that a user needs from a browser: tabs, fast loading and an elegant but dynamic style. In addition, IE 11 supports RSS, which are shortcuts to applications on other sites to help you instantly find the things that interest you most. The interface has not changed much with the updates, except for the menu bar that is displayed by default. Everything else is easily accessible: you can access the address bar at the top of the interface and "My Favorites" through a drop-down menu.

Internet Explorer 11 maintains two primary tools: the Accelerators (formerly known as Activities) and the Web Slices. The former gives you direct access to various online services by simply right-clicking anywhere on the web page or highlighted text. For example, you can search for a word, assign an address or perform a search with those highlighted words. The second is a kind of RSS tool that tracks changes and updates to selected web pages and keeps you informed about them.


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