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  • memory problem Solved/Closed

    Hello, my problem is that i was having 182gb of space in my inspiron 1525, but when i shut down it and started it again , it says only 173gb, ...

    ankitbhandar... | Hardware | Latest reply: ankitbhandari399 Oct 15, 2010
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  • create a bootable pendrive Solved/Closed

    Hello, how can i create a bootable pendrive without use of floppy.

  • Acer Aspire 6920G problems Closed

    Hello, When i turn on my Acer Aspire 6920G all the things is working expect my monitor, i hear its running, lights is showing, my touchscreen at left ...

    Valdemar | Hardware | Latest reply: Jamba (klaipeda) Oct 15, 2010
    1 reply
  • Laptop screen black when you turn computer on Closed

    Hello, My computer will turn on but nothing comes on the screen, it just stays black.... I know the computer is on because other lights are on but the...

    Megan0904 | Monitor | Latest reply: sadgurl Oct 15, 2010
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  • Laptop not Powering on Closed

    Hello, Each time i tried powering my asus laptop whilst its on ac, it does not come on and the charging lights goes off automatically until i remove...

    help | Laptop | Latest reply: sadgurl Oct 15, 2010
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  • HP Livestrong Closed

    Hello, When I turn my laptop on it sends out these two loud beeps. The screen is black. That is all it does. Please help. Configuration: Window...

    Deb | Hardware | Latest reply: jack4rall Oct 15, 2010
    3 replies
  • formet pen drive Closed

    Hello, i got a 4 gb hp pendrive. i formatted it many times before, but this time when i start formatting a message come on my screen that ur media...

  • some keys don't work, backspace don't either Closed

    Hello, I have a dell inspiron 1520. For few months now my keyboard has failed on me, some keys work and others don't. Most specifically my backspace ...

    necey | Hardware | Latest reply: anomonys Oct 14, 2010
    2 replies
  • I Pod BLUES Closed

    Hello, If you are having ipod troubles come here and tell me.

    ihateipods | Hardware | Latest reply: re_mi Oct 14, 2010
    2 replies
  • dell inspiron1547no audio output is installed Closed

    Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 3.0.19 i have dell inspiron 1547 with window 7. it is showing that no audio output is installed....

    dilip2707 | Hardware | Latest reply: re_mi Oct 14, 2010
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  • My menu button does not work Closed

    Hello, My ipod is gray when i push menu it does not go to the menu at all so i cant look at anything but what is already selected how do i change th...

    Mariah: ) | Hardware | Latest reply: ihatipods Oct 14, 2010
    7 replies
  • sound and graphics problem Closed

    Hello, my computer is workinfg properly but the main problem is that there is no sound when i play movies and music but the picture will be playing ...

    sushil | Hardware | Latest reply: re_mi Oct 14, 2010
    3 replies
  • audio.. sos Closed

    Hello, hi . plz solve my prob., i am using windows xp.... but once upon a time i changed my os(operating sysem).. after i put motherboard cd. but it...

    maddy | Hardware | Latest reply: sadgurl Oct 14, 2010
    1 reply
  • how to connect laptop to analog / digital tv Closed

    Hello, i bought recently a VGA to RCa cable. i want to connect my acer laptop to normal & digital Lcd tv both.Please can any body tell me the pro...

    sravan | Laptop | Latest reply: sadgurl Oct 14, 2010
    1 reply
  • software Closed

    Hello, i have a nokia 6303 i c mobile, please guide me for remove password from my 2GB micro sd memory card.if there any free softwere please send me...

    rick | Hardware | Latest reply: sadgurl Oct 14, 2010
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  • Disc drive won't open or respond Closed

    Hello, I own a Presario C700 Notebook and ever since i bought it(two years ago) i have been having problems with the disc drive. It sometimes just...

    Stef | Hardware | Latest reply: sadgurl Oct 14, 2010
    1 reply
  • Computer hangs or screen freezes after someti Closed

    Hello Mr. Akshay and to everyone reading this, I was doing a google search for a problem that my friend had in his cpu when I...

    Rupul | Monitor | Latest reply: venky Oct 14, 2010
    4 replies
  • code 39 Solved/Closed

    Hello, Pls can someone help with my matshita-dvd-ram-uj-850s-ata-device-driver.it doesn't read my cd/dvd and telling me error 39.

    suji | Hardware | Latest reply: maged.nour Oct 14, 2010
    2 replies
  • Keyboard Language Closed

    Hello, I just bought a second hand notepad but I am having a problem with the keyboard, some keys are not well displayed for example when I am pr...

    truste1 | Keyboard | Latest reply: anwar Oct 14, 2010
    2 replies
  • no cd/dvd-rom on computer Closed

    Hello, i was just about to watch harry potter and the half blood prince and play world of warcraft disc but it said no CD/DVD-ROM installed.what do ...

    zaccahria | Hardware | Latest reply: Nabil Saeed Oct 14, 2010
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  • PC makes strange noises Solved/Closed

    Hello, I recently built a gaming computer, the specs are listed below CPU: AMD Phenom 2 810 CPU Cooler: Stock PowerSupply: CM Extreme Power Plus...

    Cruel.Alloy | Hardware | Latest reply: jack4rall Oct 14, 2010
    3 replies
  • Samsung Sata 160GB Closed

    Hello, Samsung sata hard drive is not being normal format FAT32 & NTFS But this Hard Drive is being quick format at FAT32 & NTFS Please hel...

    abdullah | Hardware | Latest reply: sadgurl Oct 14, 2010
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  • silicon power Closed

    Hello, Please give me the procedure to change the letter of my removable device which is a pendrive of 4gb make of silicon power. Thank you

    ash1 | Hardware | Latest reply: siva Oct 14, 2010
    4 replies
  • how to remove write-protection Solved/Closed

    Hello, I purchased a pendrive I it worked fine, added files, deleting files.. and then moments later it gives the the msg "Remove the write-protect...

    zaak | Hardware | Latest reply: khalil Oct 14, 2010
    2 replies
  • Red X and No media found...HELP! Closed

    I have been having this problem for weeks now on my HP dv2620ca where the red x over the sound icon comes and goes. Some days I will turn on my lapto...

    pat... | Hardware | Latest reply: pat... Oct 14, 2010
    16 replies
  • Dell Inspiron 1564 service tag Closed

    Hello, I have a problem with the service tag of my Inspiron 1564. When I try to put the service tag (35J9ZL1) in the field on Dell's web site, it ...

    evelina | Hardware | Latest reply: evelina Oct 14, 2010
    4 replies
  • HDMI connection problems Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am wonting to connect my laptop to my HDTV I have went out and brought a HDMI cable and connected it in to the back of my TV but I went t...

    Tom | Hardware | Latest reply: fossil Oct 13, 2010
    7 replies
  • Jumping cursor on laptop Closed

    Hello, I've had a Dell Inspirion laptop for about a year and a half, but recently it had a really annoying problem. It had it when I first got it...

    Fi | Laptop | Latest reply: Ambucias Oct 13, 2010
    3 replies
  • CD-Drive is not visible in my computer Closed

    Hello, I am not getting CD-Drive in my computers and i am not able to read any CD or DVD.

    kumar | Hardware | Latest reply: mano Oct 13, 2010
    4 replies
  • having problems with my headphones Closed

    hey i have a problem my headphones are not playing on my front i/o jacks i have on board sound but i'm using my creative 5.1 sound card what can i ...

    deezy | Hardware | Latest reply: manojpdevasia Oct 13, 2010
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  • format pendrive Closed

    Hello, sir my hp 2 gb pendrive is not format and error is window was unable to format. plz tell me solution plz

  • Add Ram now Computer will not boot Up! Help P Closed

    Hi, I recently built my computer and wanted to add more rams to it but I'm having some trouble. Motherboard: ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO RAM: CORSAIR XMS3...

    Jin | Hardware | Latest reply: sadgurl Oct 13, 2010
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  • Laptop goes to a blank screen Closed

    Hello, i have a Sony Vaio laptop and i just got it. It worked fine but now every time i start it up it loads to the page where the user account is...

    jessica | Monitor | Latest reply: little.jay60 Oct 13, 2010
    6 replies
  • unable to boot Closed

    Hello, i,m unable to boot my pc, after start to boot xp it,s stop with blue screen with xp trade mark.is it a hardwear problem or not how to solve i...

    coolboy | Hardware | Latest reply: Ambucias Oct 13, 2010
    3 replies
  • bios pasword Solved/Closed

    Hello,i have on bios pasword acer extensa5220 and i have forgoten it. can you please help me reset the pasword

    jones | BIOS | Latest reply: Ambucias Oct 13, 2010
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  • formatting my pen drive Closed

    I using a transcend JF V30 8GB and whenever I insert it into my pc it says iI should format it. When I try to format it tells me that windows could n...

  • laptop hook it up to my hdtv Closed

    Hello, I have an acer and trying to hook it up to my hdtv is a pain every time I plug in the vga-hdmi cord the computer screen goes blank and ...

    lildre866 | Laptop | Latest reply: lildre866 Oct 12, 2010
    3 replies
  • Toshiba laptop keeps shutting down/no boot Closed

    Hello, My Toshiba yesterday was working fine when all of a sudden it just shut down. When I turned the power back on i got as far as the select...

    debisbcomp | Laptop | Latest reply: Jim Oct 12, 2010
    3 replies
  • dell dimension 3100 wont switch on Closed

    Hello, Hello, my dell dimension 3100 desktop ,when i shut down and try to start up it wont, i have to unlug the power cable and take the bios batter...

    big6ron | Hardware | Latest reply: anuj2addy Oct 12, 2010
    1 reply
  • unreadable sd card Closed

    Hello, my SD card can't be read in my laptop and my mobile shows that it is not formatted. please do help. i have important files saved there. tha...

    j.s. | Hardware | Latest reply: j.s. Oct 12, 2010
    8 replies
  • processor bit size for dell dimension 3100 Closed

    pls does any one know the processor bit size for dell dimension 3100. thanks

    seyiisq | CPU/Desktop | Latest reply: terrible T Oct 12, 2010
    3 replies
  • laptop hang Closed

    Hello, my laptop is hang when i open.its not open any progremme even my computer and start menu is also not open please solve this problem its urge...

    ikku | Laptop | Latest reply: jack4rall Oct 12, 2010
    1 reply
  • External HD Closed

    Hello, I have a 4Gb External HD Toshiba that has all my stuff in it. I plugged it in my computer recently and it seems to be working properly li...

    Joe | Hardware | Latest reply: Joe Oct 12, 2010
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  • damage memory stick Closed

    Hello everyone, can anybody help me regarding my damage memory stick it has important files that i need to recover, my memory stick doesn't work in an...

    marv | Hardware | Latest reply: Muhsin Oct 12, 2010
    2 replies
  • where is My D drive.? IT is not showing .. Solved/Closed

    Could any one help me to recover my data please. I was using Win XP 2 and now i wanted to use Windows 7 hence I upgraded my computer from windows ...

    Laxman | Hardware | Latest reply: Kumar Oct 11, 2010
    2 replies
  • Asus G73JH notebook power problem Closed

    Hello, is there anybody out there has the same problem or a solution for this: my notebook is in low battery, and obviously it needs to be ch...

    john | Hardware | Latest reply: Shadow Oct 11, 2010
    3 replies
  • 2 CD ROMs not working Closed

    Hello, I got a comp that was bound for the techs grave. I borrowed some parts from a friend and built the computer back up. Most of the parts were u...

    Nickelmatt | Hardware | Latest reply: Nickelmatt Oct 11, 2010
    3 replies
  • no active mixers available, no sound Closed

    Hello, Im running on a dell inspiron E1505 windows xp media edition. I currently do not have sound. I try to play music but a message appears sayi...

    bryan | Hardware | Latest reply: drlootle Oct 11, 2010
    1 reply
  • usb device not recognized Closed

    Hello, my computer keeps saying one of usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it but i dont have any...

    delia | Hardware | Latest reply: drlootle Oct 11, 2010
    1 reply
  • beeps when switched on Closed

    Hello, I've Compaq cq40 317 TU. have purchased this an year back. from last 2 months 'm not able to switch on it on battery, always have to co...

    arun | Hardware | Latest reply: anuj2addy Oct 11, 2010
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