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    May 2023

    31 May
    • Complete list of MS-DOS commands

      You will find the complete list of MS-DOS commands below. However, MS-DOS commands are not the same as Windows command line commands or Powershell commands.

    • How to change page units in Adobe Reader: from inches to mm

      Adobe Acrobat Reader is a multifunctional software that allows you to work with PDF documents. The program is customizable, and you can configure different settings as you wish to make your work process more pleasant and simple. One of the settings is that you can change page measurement units to different ones: for example, centimeters to inches or vice versa. Read on to discover how to do it.

    30 May
    • Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2023: what to expect?

      Meta is back with the third instalment of the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, an event that is designed to celebrate the developing Meta Quest VR platform. In this article we will look at what we can expect from this event and also how to follow the event live. 

    27 May
    26 May
    25 May
    • How to create an icon in Paint

      If you're using Windows, creating your own icons using Paint is possible. These icons can be customized and used on any application you wish. However, you will encounter some limitations along the way since Paint is not a comprehensive graphic design tool. Continue reading this article to find out how to make icons in Paint.

    • Best true crime documentaries on HBO Max

      Are you a fan of true crime documentaries? Even if it seems that most movies of this genre are on Netflix, there are some good pieces on other streaming platforms as well. We've compiled a list of the top ones to watch on HBO Max right now: From "Mommy Dead and Dearest" to "A Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez".

    • How to emulate other browsers in Microsoft Edge

      If you're in the midst of developing a website, it might be useful to check out how your web pages look on different web browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, as well as on mobile versions. Microsoft Edge allows you to emulate other web browsers by changing the user agent string. Read this article to find out how to emulate mobile and web browsers in Microsoft Edge.

    • How to check and configure LAN settings on Windows 10

      There are some cases when a PC is connected to the internet but will only allow browsing on websites such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, or Wikipedia. This often results from updating one's operating system or computer settings. If this is the case, you must check if your computer's LAN settings have changed.

    • Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 vs. RTX 3080

      During Covid, the demand for graphics cards skyrocketed, leading to extreme scarcity. Nvidia's RTX series, including the RTX 3080 and the newly released RTX 4080, were heavily impacted by this shortage. However these graphics cards are now more readily available for purchase. In this article, we will give a detailed comparison of the RTX 3080 and the RTX 4080, assess their respective features, performance, and value to help you determine whether it is worth upgrading your graphics card.

    24 May
    23 May
    • Error 0x80070570: what is it, how to fix, Windows

      Popping up an error 0x80070570 while updating your Windows can be frustrating and confusing. But do not give up, because there are ways to fix it. Here we have collected useful tips on what are the reasons and ways to solve this common problem.

    • The best theater podcasts (2023)

      If you are a theatre buff, you probably know that there are a lot of theater podcasts out there! They are similar to real theatre shows but are held in audio format. Check out our listing of the best theatre podcasts and enlarge your horizons by exploring audio shows.

    • ChatGPT App: iOS, iPhone, official

      OpenAI has now introduced the highly anticipated official mobile app for ChatGPT. Initially available on iOS, it will soon be released on Android. The app brings the power of the chatbot to your fingertips, offering exclusive features like voice conversation, all while remaining free to use. Stay connected and engage in seamless interactions with ChatGPT wherever you go.

    22 May
    • Tiny11: the light version of Windows 11 for older PCs

      Tiny11 is a lightweight version of Windows 11 that works on all computers, including old ones and those declared incompatible by Microsoft, due to its less demanding requirements. Although Tiny11 is an unofficial version, it can be very useful for those who do not have the latest equipment. In this article we will explain what Tiny11 is and how you can download it.

    • What is jusched.exe: is it safe, how to remove it?

      If you are curious about the jusched.exe process going on on your computer, read this article. We'll explain what jusched.exe is, why it is running, and what you need (or don't need) to do with it. Spoiler alert: it is almost harmless.

    • How to detect AI: images, writing, plagiarism

      ChatGPT is a great tool that has a number of uses. One of its main appeals is being able to produce content quickly, and fairly authentically with only a few prompts. This has led to the tool being used to write essays, plagiarise content and create realistic artwork that are then passed off as genuine. In this article we will look at the tools that have been developed to detect when something has been produced by AI or by a human.

    • Android 14 release: date, features, phones, Pixel, Samsung

      In place of Tiramisu comes Upside-Down Cake. Google is gradually introducing Android 14, and its Beta version can already be installed on a number of Pixel phones. Here we have collected all the important innovations and features that Android 14 will have.

    18 May
    • ChatGpt internet plugin: AI can now connect to the Internet

      ChatGPT has reached a new milestone in its evolution by introducing extensions (plug-ins) that grant access to the Internet and a multitude of online services. This groundbreaking enhancement opens up endless possibilities, expanding the capabilities of this incredible chatbot to unprecedented heights.

    17 May
    • Midjourney: what is it, AI art, Discord, prompts

      Midjourney has become the internet's favorite artificial intelligence (AI) program for creating digital art thanks to its incredible quality and precision. In this article we give you a complete tutorial on how to use this tool, which you can try for free on Discord, as well as details about all the new features of its V4 version.

    • How to get a lightsaber progress bar in Spotify

      Did you know that with big premieres, Spotify adds easter eggs in its app that the fans often know about but ordinary users don't? For example, you can transform your progress bar on Spotify into a lightsaber. In this article, we'll explain to you how to do it.

    • What is an NTUSER.DAT file and should you remove it?

      Have you ever encountered a strange file with an NTUSER.DAT name on your Windows PC? Don't worry, it's not a virus, but quite an important file. In this article, we'll explain what it is and why you shouldn't delete it.

    16 May
    • How to improve your LinkedIn profile in 2023?

      Personal branding is one of the most powerful methods to show your professional skills, expertise, motivation, and achievements. It is no secret that many headhunters go through your LinkedIn page before hiring you. One of the best ways to find the job of your dreams is to have a strong LinkedIn profile. In this article, you will learn tips on how to rearrange your LinkedIn profile in order to get attention and make the best impression.

    • Elden Ring: how to locate and backup your game files

      Elden Ring is one of the most exciting and impressive new fantasy action games out there and is played by a lot of PC gamers. In order not to lose your points due to possible game crashes, it is recommended to save a backup copy of your progress. Here you will learn how to find where the Elden Ring save file is located.

    • Age of Wonders 4 guide: races, magic tomes, win conditions

      Released on May 2, Age of Wonders 4 topped the Steam store chart within days, beating out Star Wars Jedi Survivor and other games. Here we have collected the top chips and tipes for those who want to to conque the world of Athla in this new fantasy 4X-strategy game. By the way, it is also available in a free-to-play version, which gives a fairly good gaming experience.

    15 May
    • Lost Ark sailing: unlock, ships, upgrade, coins (2023)

      By unlocking Sailing in Lost Ark, you can surf the sea on a variety of ships, explore numerous islands with unique rewards and tasks. Here you will learn how to get into the sea world, get ships and sail in this exciting MMO-Action RPG.

    • The best earplugs: for swimming, concerts, sleep

      Earplugs are different. Some can help you fall asleep and escape all the outside noise, while others will cut out the frequencies that might harm your ears at a concert or a music festival. In this article, we'll explain why you need a pair of earplugs and which one you should choose to stay safe. After all, we only get one pair of ears.

    • Turn off Messenger chat heads/bubbles on Android

      Every time you receive a new message in the Facebook Messenger mobile app, a small notification with the contact's picture — called a Chat Head — is displayed on your screen. You can use it to quickly answer a message without closing other apps. If you don't like this feature, here we'll explain how to turn it off.

    • How to close all tabs in Google Chrome on Android

      Like Google Chrome for desktop, Google Chrome for Android allows you to use tabs during your browsing sessions. This lets you easily access and keep track of several webpages at once. If you find yourself with too many tabs open and are looking for a way to close them all, rather than individually, this FAQ will answer any questions that you may have.

    • Where to download eBooks and audiobooks: for free, on PC

      If you love to read, you'll be pleased to find out there are a number of online resources where you can find eBooks and audiobooks for free. Each year, as the copyright on hundreds of classic and modern texts expire, they become available in the public domain, where they can be accessed legally for free. The websites mentioned in this article allow you to download books and audiobooks in the public domain.

    13 May
    11 May
    • Google I/O 2023: keynote, Bard, Pixel 7a, Tablet, Fold

      The Google I/O 2023 event on May 10 showed that the tech giant is playing on all fronts to bring AI to almost all of its products. Nearly two-thirds of the conference was devoted to Google's progress in this area. Here we have put together key facts about new apps and devices shown at the event.

    • How to connect AirPods to PC: Windows 10, Windows 11

      Apple AirPods are one of the most popular choices for wireless earbuds and a main reason for this is their ease of use, seamless connectivity with the Apple ecosystem and impressive sound quality. Whilst AirPods were designed for Apple devices, they are also compatible with Windows and Android. In this article we will provide a step-by-step guide to help you pair your AirPods with a Windows PC.

    10 May
    • Is ChatGPT safe: The hidden dangers of AI chatbots

      ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence chatbot tool designed by OpenAI that can be used to assist in various tasks, such as answering questions and replying to complex requests. As with any new technology, it is only natural that people question how safe ChatGPT is. In this article we will look at the pros and cons and possible dangers of ChatGPT. 

    • Spotify Instafest: Create your dream festival lineup

      In anticipation of Spotify's 2022 Wrapped, a third part app, Instafest, is allowing you to create a custom music festival lineup based on your most-played Spotify, Apple Music or artists. You cannot create this festival through the official apps, you will need to use Instafest. In this article we will show you how to create your own Instafest festival lineup.

    9 May
    • Intel Meteor Lake CPU: specifications, desktop, date

      In this article, we analyze what the 14th generation of Intel processors will bring us, and rip off everything that is currently known about the architecture, performance and release of the Meteor Lake processor.

    • Elden Ring crossplay: PS, Xbox, PC, multiplayer not working

      You love to explore the vastness of Lands Between on your PC, and would like to play with your friends, but they have game consoles. Here you will find out if this game allows full crossplay and also what you can do if the multiplayer is crashing.

    • Find Elden Ring wise turtles: Rise puzzle guide

      On your way to revealing the mystery of the Elden Ring, it will be very useful for you to get into the towers of Oridys's Rise, Testu's Rise and Chelona's Rise, which store valuable spells and Memory Stones. But access to these towers is impossible without finding and killing the three triplets of the Great Wise Turtles. Here you will find a helpful guide on how to find all blue beasts.

    • The 10 best horror movies on HBO Max (2023)

      The experience of being scared is priceless, especially when we know that 'The end' will come and everything will go back to normal... or not. Here's a list of the 10 best new horror movies and classics of this genre you'll find on HBO Max.

    • How to fix Cloudflare's error 1020: Access denied

      Have you ever encountered Error 1020 while browsing the web? Most certainly, you have. It's when you try to access a website, but it tells you that access is denied. This means that a Cloudflare service firewall has prevented you from accessing the website. Don't worry, there are multiple ways to fix this issue. Read on!

    5 May
    • The best horror movies on Amazon Prime

      Looking for a good scary movie? Prime Video is the haunted home of hundreds of riveting horror titles featuring some of the most respected names in the genre. Here's our selection of horror movies to watch now on Amazon Prime Video.

    • Everything you need to know about ChatGPT: Plus, API, GPT-4

      ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool that is revolutionizing predictive typing. It was created by Open AI, a company founded by Elon Musk and other entrepreneurs who released the advanced version of ChatGPT Plus. The company also announced a ChatGPT API version for developers and the newest GPT-4 system, the engine behind the groundbreaking ChatGPT.

    4 May
    • Hogwarts Legacy getting started: best house, house test

      Hogwarts Legacy was released in February 2023 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S and finally released on PS4 and Xbox One in May 2023. There will be even more witches and wizards joining in the Hogwarts experience. As a student starting their Hogwarts journey, one of the first things you will need to do in Hogwarts Legacy is decide which house you want to be in. Find out which is the best Hogwarts Legacy house for you!

    • The best smart fitness equipment to exercise at home: 2023

      You can build a complete workout routine at home. If you're looking for gadgets for your daily workout routine, or perhaps, looking for extra motivation to build those muscles, in this article, you'll find the best smart gadgets for exercising at home and reach your fitness goals.

    • How to get iMessage on Windows PC

      Did you know that you will soon be able to use iMessage on your Windows PC and talk via this Apple invention with your friends, who have iPhones and Macbooks, even if you are a PC user? The feature is still being tested, but it is already available to some users who are part of The Windows Insider Program. Read on to find out how to get iMessage on your Windows computer.

    3 May
    • Apple iPhone 14: release date, design, specs, price

      Every year Apple surprises us with the arrival of the new iPhone. This year was no exception, and we could finally see the iPhone 14 with its new features and Plus, Pro, and Pro Max versions. Read on to learn everything about the new Apple iPhone 14.

    • GTA 6 : release date, trailer, map, leaks and rumors

      This article will gather all the information that is currently available about Rockstar Games' GTA 6, such as the possible release year, the setting, a look at a potential leaked map, and a the September 2022 video leak. In this article we explore everything we know about GTA 6 so far!

    2 May