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    Hello, ADVANCE THANKS TO READ, i am facing problem with monitor. i don't know whether it is hardware or system file problem. I hope anyone will...

    shyamdwd | Hardware | Latest reply: suman Nov 2, 2010
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  • hardware problem Closed

    Hello, I have a aproblem in my laptop it's wireless driver not working properly.please suggest me how to resove this problem..thanks Configurat...

    lalit | Hardware | Latest reply: realiser Nov 2, 2010
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  • Sound dont work Closed

    Hello, Im cant get my sound back on my Pc (it's a dell) after im got a new Hardware, and im cant open enny games. Plzz Help me.! Configurat...

    A.u.t.o | Hardware | Latest reply: A.u.t.o Nov 2, 2010
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  • How to increase primary drive capacity Closed

    Hello, C: 24.41, D:24.41 & E :27.50GB. Unused 8.56, 4.76 & 24.61 respectively. Pls suggest how to increase C: drive capacity. I am using Windows X...

    BR | Hardware | Latest reply: jaunglia Nov 2, 2010
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  • please enter a disk in drive I: Closed

    Hi, I have a USB mass drive. Whenever i insert a chip in it and connect it with my pc and try to run it, there comes a message "please enter a disk...

  • how to format Sony vaio laptop Closed

    Hello, i m using Sony Vaio laptop VGN-CR24G ..i want to format my laptop..and i m having Sony recovery disc also...plzzzz plzzz plz help me how to...

    thaia | Laptop | Latest reply: jaunglia Nov 2, 2010
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  • my toshiba equium l40 - L56 Solved/Closed

    Hello, my toshiba i had a password to get on the computer, but when i went in to hospital my kids tryed o turn the laptop on and now all it says i...

    kim | Hardware | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 2, 2010
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  • Uploading photos from Sony MS-MT8G Closed

    Hello, I have a sony DSC-W180 camera and i cant upload my photos from my Sony MS-MT8G Memory stick. The computer only comes up with 8 shortcut fol...

    gab33 | Hardware | Latest reply: yoyo! Nov 2, 2010
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  • not booting and giving beeps Closed

    Hello, My Desktop It is a DELL Optiplex745, it is working fine till yesterday. suddenly in the morning when i switch it ON It is not booting, and...

    nag | Hardware | Latest reply: bill Nov 1, 2010
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  • dell dimension 3100 start-up problem Closed

    Hello, my dell dimension 3100 ,when I shut down and try to start up it wont, I have to unlug the power cable and take the bios battery out and put ...

    ron | Hardware | Latest reply: big6ron Nov 1, 2010
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  • my lap top screen went blank Closed

    Hello, my laptop screen went blank after I installed an anti virus the clicked on cler recent history.....pls help.Dell insperion 1545 Configurat...

    sassy | Monitor | Latest reply: jack4rall Nov 1, 2010
    3 replies
  • Need help with my m2 memorycard Closed

    Hello, I really need your help guys, i have a 2GB m2 memory card used in my sony ericsson k610i, when i connected my memorycard in the pc using a ...

    mhiachee | Hardware | Latest reply: re_mi Nov 1, 2010
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  • unable to open 4 gb transcend pen drive. Closed

    I have a 2 GB Transcend pendrive. I can't open or format the pendrive. Whenever I want to open or format it a message is showing "Please insert a disk...

  • Nothing appears when I type Closed

    Hello, When I type nothing appears on the screen. I've tried pressing Number lock, scroll lock, and a whole lot of other buttons but nothing ...

    J9 | Hardware | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 1, 2010
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  • Compaq Presario Pc screen goes black w/ cruso Closed

    Hello, I started my computer and everything is normal but when the screen where my desktop is supposed to appear a black screen with the cursor is the...

    Macle101 | Monitor | Latest reply: Ambucias Oct 31, 2010
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  • Bios unlock Dell d630 Solved/Closed

    Hello, please help, lost everything Bios unlock .............................595d administrator FY6ZM3J-595B service tag 34719324319 Co...

    casy46 | BIOS | Latest reply: Ambucias Oct 31, 2010
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  • cant make CD-ROM Drive to work with my HDD Closed

    Hello, hey guys . i have Really big prob here , i bought new Giga byte G41 motherboard and now my hard disk WD sata 320 and my CD-ROM Samsung S...

    mina | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: little.jay60 Oct 31, 2010
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  • floppy disc to memory stick Closed

    Hello, how can I transfer data from a floppy disc to a memory stick. Thanks. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0

    Vern | Hardware | Latest reply: Vince.$tone12 Oct 31, 2010
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  • vista boot problem 2 Closed

    Hello, Apparently I did not say please and thank you enough in the last message I posted, so I will try again. Could you please advise me on the p...

    dthegreat | Hardware | Latest reply: jack4rall Oct 31, 2010
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  • Sharper Image Movie Projector and laptop? Closed

    Hello, I want to use my Sharper Image Entertainment Projector, model# EC-PJ10, to display netflix movies from my Acer netbook. What type of adapt...

    Vicki | Laptop | Latest reply: KC Oct 31, 2010
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  • hp pavillion dv6000 caps/num lock led lights Closed

    Hello, i have a problem with my caps lick and num lock led lights since i've reinstalled windows 7. the led light of the caps lock is never on and...

    tammi_mooo | Hardware | Latest reply: Dan Oct 31, 2010
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  • installation of web cam without cd Closed

    Hello, i have a web cam but i lost the cd of it please tell me the solution for it.. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 7.0

    gudiyaa | Webcam | Latest reply: re_mi Oct 31, 2010
    3 replies
  • enet webcam driver Solved/Closed

    Hello, i have a pc camera(enet) but lost the driver cd i formated my computer . how can download the driver Configuration: Windows 7 / Intern...

    ravi | Webcam | Latest reply: re_mi Oct 31, 2010
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  • Acer 5100 Laptop Closed

    Okay, so I had the same Acer problem everyone had. Keyboard won't work, touchpad won't work. USB and Disc Drive won't work. I pretty much tried every ...

    Nikkita | Laptop | Latest reply: Nikkita Oct 30, 2010
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  • Cursor and black screen of death Closed

    Hello, I have a Dell studio CPA, my screen went black with a cursor on top left. I have tried all the suggestions to get it going again, nothing seems...

    Tonicozy | Monitor | Latest reply: cha_mps Oct 30, 2010
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  • keyboard matter Closed

    Hello, pls i need urgent assistance. some of my keyboard keys suddenly stopped working. First my screen turned upside down. had to format my pc, r...

    nestola | Keyboard | Latest reply: cha_mps Oct 30, 2010
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  • DVD Drive no where to be found Closed

    Hello, so ya i got a Sata DVD writer/reader that used to work before but now it doesnt open close light it doesnt even show in device manager my compu...

    0XZeroX0 | Hardware | Latest reply: cha_mps Oct 30, 2010
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  • Music from latop through Sony HDMI speakers? Closed

    Hello, I'm wondering if I can somehow hook my Dell laptop up to my Sony HDMI speaker system that is currently used for my home theater system, so ...

    Ali | Hardware | Latest reply: Ali Oct 30, 2010
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  • My ITouch wont turn on or connect to my lapto Closed

    Hello, My name is Tom. ive had my ipod for 2years and i jailbroke it a year ago. I try to turn it on but it shows the startup apple symbol and the...

    TheTom | Hardware | Latest reply: realiser Oct 30, 2010
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  • Webcam, upsidedown Closed

    Hello, Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 8.0 audio and video set up but nothing happens can anyon help me plz?

    Sally | Webcam | Latest reply: realiser Oct 30, 2010
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  • keyboard not communicating with HP laptop Closed

    Hello, My keyboard is not communicating with laptop. I can sign on with the keyboard. Once in, none of the keys work. Thank you Configuration: ...

    fran | Keyboard | Latest reply: realiser Oct 30, 2010
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  • my cd rom doesnt work Closed

    Hello, i have a dell lap top vostro a 840 its CD ROM doesnt work well means for reading some CDs it tries to read it but it cant and make "kher kh...

    shayan | Hardware | Latest reply: shayan Oct 30, 2010
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  • Notebook screen blanks when cover fully open Closed

    Hello, I have a weird problem. Whenever i open the cover at startup Windows blanks the notebookscreen. If i attach a second monitor i can see iWi...

    CheeseCity | Monitor | Latest reply: phOshOrOfik Oct 30, 2010
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  • Intex webcam Closed

    Hello, Hello, plz try to send me the software of intex swc1 ... plz try to send me the software of intex swc1 webcamConfiguration: Windows XP ...

    shashi | Webcam | Latest reply: mubeen Oct 30, 2010
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  • kingston 8gb pendrive problem Closed

    Hello, sir i bought a 8gb kingston pendrive 1 year ago and 3months after i bought it it got an external scratch but it was working fine but 2months...

  • boot issue Closed

    Hello, Pushed power button on, leds lit up. the hard drive activity light was on for 2-3 seconds then didn't display. Took cover off hard drive bay ...

    MWH | Hardware | Latest reply: xpcman Oct 29, 2010
    3 replies
  • I cannot type the symbol ? when I strike tha Solved/Closed

    Hello, I cannot type the symbol ? when I strike that key

    endu | Hardware | Latest reply: Ambucias Oct 29, 2010
    6 replies
  • Dell inspiron 1525 prcessor fan does not work Closed

    Hello, 2 days earlier tried to blow the dust from the fan and it stopped functioning..... the processor know continuously runs at arond 100% and c...

    Moiz | Hardware | Latest reply: little.jay60 Oct 29, 2010
    3 replies
  • Laptop Wont get past Boot Closed

    Hello, I'm having trouble with my laptop; this is what I did in order before it stopped working. I was about to shut down the laptop but I acci...

    ianwhit05 | Laptop | Latest reply: srdjz Oct 29, 2010
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  • how to delete password for phoenix bios Solved/Closed

    Hello, guys I am entering in phoenix bios cmos setup utility and my pc is asking me to enter a password yet I do remember them so guys I need your...

    m. placide | BIOS | Latest reply: jack4rall Oct 29, 2010
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  • Acer AspireOne D250-1151 Reformat Problem Closed

    Hello, I have read other posts where the people are telling to reformat windows automaticly on AspireOne D250, you should press Alt Gr + F10 before wi...

    Dr.Kom | Hardware | Latest reply: re_mi Oct 29, 2010
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  • my laptop won't boot Closed

    Hello, My Acer aspire 4920, won't boot. It turns on, the Acer splash screen appears, freezes and nothing happened. I'm running Windows vista... ...

    isma | Laptop | Latest reply: ianwhit05 Oct 29, 2010
    5 replies
  • dell inspiron 1545 problem Closed

    hi, ive had my dell inspiron 1545 for about a year & a half, recently its been freezing for about 3 minutes and then working fine again, but yesterday...

    weeve2010 | Hardware | Latest reply: re_mi Oct 29, 2010
    3 replies
  • how to bootable pendrive Solved/Closed

    Hello, plz tell me how to bootable pendrive for window xp......... if you known how to bootable pendrive plz mail me................

  • My laptop touch pad isnt working Closed

    Hello, I would like to know how to fix this problem my laptop touch pad isn't working and I think I might have hit a button for it to stop workin...

    Amb | Laptop | Latest reply: re_mi Oct 29, 2010
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  • Black screen appears Closed

    Hello, it was frozen so I shut it down and started with the on button. I can log in, but that is it. Says Welcome, but the screen turn black. I can he...

    Rocioangelja... | Monitor | Latest reply: dirby Oct 29, 2010
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  • cpu makes weird noise on boot Closed

    Hello, My cpu makes weird noise on boot up but quiets down within a few minutes, only started doing this recently. After the blue screen came up the ...

    hapzap | CPU/Desktop | Latest reply: yanto Oct 29, 2010
    4 replies
  • HP dv2500 won't stay on Closed

    Hello, I have an hp dv2500 and a few weeks ago it shut down while I was away from my computer and when I tried to restart it, the power light came o...

    Tiny | Hardware | Latest reply: xpcman Oct 28, 2010
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  • HP monitor / computer emergency / issues help Closed

    Hello, my HP Pavillion Meda Center m8330f Desktop PC will not turn on. It seems to be turing on but the monitor is not responding and when turned on a...

    johannaa | Hardware | Latest reply: xpcman Oct 28, 2010
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  • Lost Webcam Installation CD Closed

    Hi, I found my old webcam from years ago and I can't find the installation cd. All the model information can be found here: https://www.alibaba.com/pr...

    bkristin3 | Webcam | Latest reply: moumins Oct 28, 2010
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