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  • Screen issues Closed

    Hello out there. I was hoping that someone could help me with an issue im having with my Toshiba Qosmio X500. Heres the story with what happened. ...

    Jagwire | Monitor | Latest reply: Zohaib R Apr 25, 2013
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  • Im trying to factory restore my laptop Closed

    I am trying to restore my TOSHIBA laptop and Im not sure how to do it. Can someone plez walk me through it?

    almaamon | Laptop | Latest reply: Tamksor Apr 25, 2013
    2 replies
  • Keyboard acting up Closed

    I have an Acer Aspire 2930. When I am typing, my computer throws in letters suddenly. I have noticed that this only happens when my bluetooth switche...

    writingonandon | Keyboard | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 25, 2013
    1 reply
  • how can i clean up Closed

    Hi I need some help about my laptop.Got some one use my laptop and they put some program to link for follow me and they do stored all of detail like m...

    pariyakorn | Laptop | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 25, 2013
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  • BLUE screen while installing WINDOWS XP Closed

    Hi! i bougt a new Hard drive and tried to install Windows XP and it would always end up on BLUE screen.....check for viruses, check for new hard drive...

    jc17madrid | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: jack4rall Apr 25, 2013
    3 replies
  • Data is not shown in the drive Closed

    sir I am using 32 GB Flash , my data not show on my drive but when i check properties then drive show size of the drive and also show the data using ...

  • system unit powers up, the green light is on, the red LED is on and no blinking Closed

    when turning on the system unit it powers up, the green light is on, the red LED light turn on but no blinking and there the masage on the screen"NO S...

    nissady | Monitor | Latest reply: jack4rall Apr 25, 2013
    1 reply
  • laptop not booting Closed

    Hi My Toshiba laptop is not booting and screen is black.Can only see lights flickering in F10 &F11 keys.Tried unplugging,removing battery and holdi...

    piltu | Laptop | Latest reply: vijaypanduranga Apr 25, 2013
    1 reply
  • screen blink black while accessing drives and folders inside it Closed

    Hello, I'm having some problem with my computer. I don't know what is happening. When I double click the drives (e. g. C: or any other) my sc...

    acrossn | Monitor | Latest reply: acrossn Apr 25, 2013
    2 replies
  • how to use samsung gtc3312 mobile camera as web cam for laptop Closed

    Sir, I am having smasung Gtc3312 mobile. My laptop does not have a web cam. I would wish to use my mobile camera as a webcam but I dont know how t...

    Ragland Ananth | Webcam | Latest reply: Ragland Ananth Apr 25, 2013
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  • my laptop Closed

    i was using a home basic operating system, after two moths since i bought my laptop i isntalled windows eternity.. it worked fine, three days ago my s...

    kelvin skb | Laptop | Latest reply: kelvin skb Apr 25, 2013
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  • lap top toshiba satellite p300-16q Closed

    hi every one i have one lap top toshiba satellite p300-16q,,,,but cannot do nothing neither format.,i press hold 0 and power buton ,and again nothin...

    skriton | Laptop | Latest reply: skriton Apr 25, 2013
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  • How to stop booting Win XP from my previous hard drive? Solved/Closed

    Hi there, I used to run Windows XP on my Hitachi SATA 160 gb hard drive quite well. As my hard disk got full of files I wanted a new hard drive to ...

    shahjalal2005 | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: Zohaib R Apr 25, 2013
    5 replies
  • I've recently ran into problems after installing Vista Closed

    Hey, I've recently ran into problems after installing Vista. To cut a long story short, my old hard drive with Windows XP had been dying for a while...

    sandraamira | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: Zohaib R Apr 25, 2013
    1 reply
  • Dell Inspiron 1525 Closed

    Hi, This has just happened. What happened was I turned on my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop and it went to the Dell logo and proceed to load but it didn't...

    missmaddy95 | Laptop | Latest reply: Zohaib R Apr 25, 2013
    1 reply
  • Toshiba Portage M800 not booting Closed

    Hi, My Toshiba Portage M800 was running on Windows Vista. I have formatted and installed Windows 7 64 Bit. Installation went on well and everything...

    PNB | BIOS | Latest reply: Zohaib R Apr 24, 2013
    3 replies
  • Headphones not working with Acer Aspire Closed

    Hello, for some reason when I went to watch a movie on my laptop, the headphones don't work. Instead the sound comes out on the regular speakers. Can ...

    canuckchick52 | Hardware | Latest reply: RedPanda Apr 24, 2013
    2 replies
  • Need bios password Dell Inspiron 1545 Closed

    i don't remember my bios password how can i get it crack

    romaine prince | BIOS | Latest reply: romaine prince Apr 24, 2013
    1 reply
  • Can't start WLHHNW.INIT Closed

    I can't see my files when I click to view files it says "Can't start wlhhnw.init. How do I fix it ? Thanks

  • LG Supermulti Drive, cannot read/write DVDs Closed

    Welcome all members. I am facing problem about DVD Drive. Drive is LG GSA-H55N Supermulti DVD drive. Drive can read CDs.DVD cannot detect.Actually w...

    sukuxp | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: sukuxp Apr 24, 2013
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  • Screen wont turn on Closed

    Im running Windows 7 on a Toshiba Qosmio X500. I go to turn on my computer last night to find out that screen isnt working. When i power down, by h...

    Jagwire | Monitor | Latest reply: Jagwire Apr 24, 2013
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  • cant format my usb Closed

    plz help me my kingstone usb (DT 101 G2 usb drive)can not be format when ever i format it the msg was appear that "this window can not complet this fo...

    aimansaeed | CPU/Desktop | Latest reply: shajideepa Apr 24, 2013
    1 reply
  • windows continously on off Closed

    my pc monitor continously turn on off ,but my cpu is ok i check another monitor plz help

    maansingh | Monitor | Latest reply: 01sogam Apr 24, 2013
    1 reply

    hello, anyone can help me please, My passport external hard drive suddenly not working. i tried connecting it to the cpu, it has a light but it is no...

    ijaz552 | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 24, 2013
    1 reply
  • keyboard problems with Toshiba Satellite C650 Closed

    Hello, I've been having problems with my keyboard. I spilled sugary liquids on the top left hand corner and got a new keyboard to replace my soake...

    laikos | Keyboard | Latest reply: laikos Apr 23, 2013
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  • Problems with my Toshiba Satellite R845 Laptop Closed

    Hi all, my Toshiba Satellite R845 Laptop wont start up at all. The screen remains black but i can hear the fan on. I did try unplugging the power chor...

    pbalky | Hardware | Latest reply: pbalky Apr 23, 2013
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  • Why i cant boot my laptop using USB? Closed

    Hi there experts, A litte help plz.. Im trying to boot my Laptop using bootable usb but unfortunately my bios cant read my usb? how come? i cant ev...

    philmie89 | Laptop | Latest reply: philmie89 Apr 23, 2013
    2 replies
  • HDD Closed

    my lg 1Tb external harddisk was wrking and while i was copying stuffs it just stopped and my computer is not seeing it even other computer it is not ...

    kayzmjake | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: Zohaib R Apr 23, 2013
    1 reply
  • How to factory reset compaq min cq10 Closed

    So I use to do the f6 on the boot n restore to the begging, but now it won't let me does anyone know any other way or if I'm probably doing it wrong. ...

    Savage909 | Laptop | Latest reply: Zohaib R Apr 23, 2013
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  • Replacing and formating harddrive of dell insprion 1525 Closed

    can you lead me step by step how for replace my HD and format it

    holdchest | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: Zohaib R Apr 23, 2013
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  • Can't open USB disk Closed

    Hello, I've had this problem with several 16GB USB disks of different makes. After trying to format them in FAT32, windows gets about half way thro...

    paladian | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: sandra Apr 23, 2013
    3 replies
  • Computer turns on itself and monitor doesn't get signal Closed

    My computer turns on when it gets plugged in or I flip the power on and won't turn off by holding the power button and I use a tv with a pc mode for a...

    Kods37 | Hardware | Latest reply: Zohaib R Apr 23, 2013
    1 reply
  • Micro SDHC can't format, non accesible, media protected help pls Closed

    Hello, I have been formatted my 4gb micro sd hc card to NTFS and when I try to format it back (to FAT35), I'am getting many types of errors: K:\ is...

  • No Sound from headphones, but speakers work good Closed

    Hello All, I have a windows 7 HP laptop. The problem is that there is no sound from headphones, but sound comes from speakers. I went to 'control p...

    indra87 | Laptop | Latest reply: Zohaib R Apr 23, 2013
    7 replies
  • My computer is doing wierd things Closed

    Hello, My computer is a Dell and i opened it today and all of a sudden its typing wierd things like when i press V is writes vb54 and some for other...

    Ally | Keyboard | Latest reply: Zohaib R Apr 22, 2013
    6 replies
  • Factory reset has got stuck Closed

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite C660-119. I dropped it on the floor yesterday and every program I tried to open since would just crash. I've finally m...

    kirstyl13 | Laptop | Latest reply: xpcman Apr 22, 2013
    1 reply
  • fans work, blank screen,no beeps and usb mouse/keyboard dont wor Closed

    Hello, I have a home built computer. It's an ASUS Motherboard P8Z77-V and an Intel Core i7 Processor in a black Venom Tower. I spilled Vodka and C...

    cazplus3 | Hardware | Latest reply: cazplus3 Apr 22, 2013
    2 replies
  • Black Screen Laptop Closed

    hello,i have a ACER 5535 laptop it was working so good i turned it off but when to turn it on after 5 hours it gives me a black screen i tryed to...

    traktori | Monitor | Latest reply: traktori Apr 22, 2013
    2 replies
  • HP laptop not working Closed

    Hello, I have a HP laptop and it just suddenly stopped working one day. I tried using my friend's battery(she has a laptop like mine) and that didn't...

    Elonia | Laptop | Latest reply: xpcman Apr 22, 2013
    1 reply
  • remove bios password Closed

    Hello, dear sir! i have a laptop latitude D6300 with service tag ( DYJWND1) i need my Bios password i have forgot it how should i remove it pleas...

    wasiqanay | BIOS | Latest reply: wasiqanay Apr 22, 2013
    1 reply
  • my cd drive wont work Solved/Closed

    Hello, my names john and im 17 iv got a toshiba laptop and I want to install my webcam but wen I put my cd in it dont load up my cd drive ant workin...

    john | Hardware | Latest reply: Rich K. Apr 21, 2013
    54 replies
  • I need bios password Solved/Closed

    I need bios pass word for dell latitude d400

    Richmond1 | BIOS | Latest reply: jack4rall Apr 21, 2013
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  • formatting using USB (Help) Closed

    Hello, i already have the bootable usb.. i get it through wintoflash... the problem is this: when i try to boot my computer using usb.. i ...

    philmie89 | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: jack4rall Apr 21, 2013
    7 replies
  • windows was unable to complete the format Closed

    hi guys, please help to solve my problem, i can format my 4Gb and 8GB usb, when i format i revceive email by the windows was unable to complete the ...

  • DVD Driver ejects Closed

    Dear Sir Recently I bought a one year used laptop LENOVO B570 E . Model Name 20129. It reads only some CD s . When some CD OR DVD inserts , the f...

    shajideepa | Laptop | Latest reply: shajideepa Apr 21, 2013
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  • WD my passport hard dives whose part numbers end with -03 are co Closed

    Hi everyone at this splendied forum I have read that WD Smartware is compatible with the WD my passport, my book hard drives which end with -00/01 ...

    a cooperator | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: a cooperator Apr 20, 2013
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  • Epson Artisan 700 end-of-life-ink-pads error returns after reset Closed

    I got the "ink pads at end of life" error several months ago for my Epson Artisan 700. I removed the ink pads and connected an external reservoir. Res...

  • Toshiba Satellite c855-1j1 blank screen when power up. Closed

    Hi Guys, This morning my laptop wouldn't turn on. I turned it on and the power light has turned on so that's working, however the screen has NOT...

    lewisfoskett | Laptop | Latest reply: jack4rall Apr 20, 2013
    1 reply
  • What shall i do after formatting my laptop? Solved/Closed

    Nowadays there are a lot of websites are having tutorials for how to format our laptop in step by step. But no one shows or tells that what we need to...

    upen91 | Laptop | Latest reply: jack4rall Apr 20, 2013
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  • computer logs off itself automatically Closed

    Hello, my name is charles and i have a compaq intelpentium 4 evo 5110 dff and installed windows xp on it. later i got an avast antivirus and installed...

    cobra | Hardware | Latest reply: Zohaib R Apr 20, 2013
    1 reply